Savage Kingdoms - PVP - PC - Wiped (3/20/2021) - Savage Wilds - No Offline Raiding

The 3rd Conan map, Savage Wilds, has been released and many players are rushing to find a server to explore the new lands. Look no further than Savage Kingdoms to find a perfectly crafted Casual PvP experience that allows solos to large clans to excel and take part in building epic bases, forging kingdoms through diplomacy, and getting into memorable fights. We have a unique kingdoms system that allows for a relaxed PVP style on the server. More details can be found on the Discord.

NEW MAP: Savage Wilds Conan Exiles Mod: Savage Wilds Trailer - YouTube


Server Info:

  • 3x harvest, 2x XP
  • No Gods
  • No Offline Raiding
  • Dynamic Weekend Raiding


  1. Savage Wilds
  2. Pippi
  3. Fashionist
  4. Hosav’s Custom UI

Direct Connect:

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i’d like to join, havent played on a server yet only single player. username jdbirch

You can just search us up on the server list, no need to ask! :slightly_smiling_face:

Gladly accepting more players!