ThoseForsaken-Exiled/ Savage Wilds [PVE] and Siptah [PvP] [PC][Midwest US - EST][lvl300] - 3 Map Cluster with Server Transfer!

Friendly, relaxed server cluster with plenty of space to grow looking for more active players!
3 Maps to choose from AND transfer between! Lightly-modded, friendly, PvP Isle of Siptah, and PvE Exiled Lands and Savage Wilds servers. Gladiators Arena in Exiled lands for PvP combat with your friends (or enemies). Helpful, active admins, seriously creative players who are helping to add interesting content, boosted harvest/crafting/XP. Limited mod use, so less time spent updating. New player kits available, as well as Loyalty coins to spend! Minimal building restrictions, and common-sense courtesy. No BS, no drama. Come join us and try it out!!

Server Rates:

XP – 1.5

Harvest – 2.0


  • Savage Wilds

  • Pippi

  • Kerozards Paragon Leveling - Reloaded (level 300 max)

  • Fashionist

  • Emberlight

  • Hosav UI - with minimap!

  • Amunets Server Transfer

  • TheForsakenSabers - yes, light sabers


Server Information:

Conan Exiled Lands

Server Name:ThoseForsaken Exiles [PvE/18+/Level300]

Direct Connect:

Conan Savage Wilds

Server Name:ThoseForsaken Savage Wilds [PvE/18+/Level300]

Direct Connect:

Conan Isle of Siptah

Server Name:ThoseForsaken Siptah [PvP/18+/Level300]

Direct Connect: