[PC] ThoseForsaken- Exiles, Siptah, Savage Wilds Server Cluster PVE/PVP/RP 18+

ThoseForsaken is looking for more players! We customize our servers to provide the best playing experience for our community using limited MOD use. All ThoseForsaken servers are linked so you can travel between maps with the same character! We are currently PVE focused with limited PVP/PVP-C/RP events to maximize the full gameplay potential. We have removed building decay, adjusted death penalties (drop everything but your weapons/gear), increased levels, and added lightsabers! We have added MODS to assist in RP gameplay for those that need the added immersed experience. Build, explore, and battle your way to glory! New player kits are available so come joins us today!

Name: ThoseForsaken-Siptah
Static Direct Connect:
Map: Isle of Siptah

Name: ThoseForsaken-Exiles
Static Direct Connect:
Map: The Exiled Lands

Name: ThoseForsaken-Savage Wilds
Map: Savage Wilds

Mods: Savage Wilds, Pippi, Emberlight, Kerozards Paragon Level Reloaded, lament by Emberlight, Fashionist, Beyond Theatrics, Amunets Server Transfer, TheForsakenSabers
Server Types: PVE with occasional PVP events
Community: Experimental (Always looking to improve)
Server Sizes: 40
Server Location: U.S. Eastern
Tick Rate: 60 (Server FPS)
Admin: Behind the scene server maintenance.
Rules/Guidelines: Enjoy the game! Please follow the common sense rules of good player conduct. Zero tolerance for exploit/toxic players.