PC ** Debauchery (Exiles, Siptah, Savagewilds) RP 30+/PvP/PVE**

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** Debauchery (Exiles, Siptah, Savagewilds) RP 30+/PvP/PVE**
Hello fellow exile,
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to invite you to join in the debauchery.
About Us.
We are a group of adult gamers who want and expect to enjoy our limited time to game.
Is your life packed already?
Job, kids, household to maintain? Then we are your people.
Come and go as time and your schedule permit.
Don’t have time to always hop in game? No big deal, you are welcome to join our discord and be active in our community. Hop in game when you can.

We offer:

Multiple maps w/global linked chats.
Kits (levels, building, market thespian)
Hub w/fast travel, player market. Daily/weekly quests, tavern with pippi Jack Table.
Crafting Area, Mount Vendors
PVP arena & PVE arena with loot drops.
Minimal build restrictions. Accelerated timers craft, harvest etc., Max lvl 300.
Donator benefits helpful but not pay to win.
Relaxed RP setting: Conan, Gor, D&D, something else up to you.
New & Vet players welcome. **

MODS: Steam Workshop::Debauchery Rhavynhome Reborn 18+
DISCORD: https://discord.gg/75zrbxpG68
Isle of Siptah Direct:
Exiled Lands Direct:
Exile Savage Wilds (Savage Wilds is still savage small survival kit only)