Dark Debauchery (18+ SLAVERY/ERP-PVP) 5x XP & 2.5x Gather

Heavily influenced by the existing lore within the Conan Universe; the world wrought with savagery and brutality, aiming for interactions of slavery, domination and heavy gorean themes, where the weak willed are worthless, women are seen as symbols of ■■■ and men are the masters. These various tones are the main driving force behind countless actions each individual takes - whether you’re a master or slave, barbarian or cannibal, you must be willing to work to ascertain your freedom. Are you interested in challenging the status quo of the Exiled Lands, to be your own person? Or would you rather pamper the heels of those stronger than you? The choice is yours, exile.

Steam Workshop Collection: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1640164987

◾ Fashionist 
◾ SlaverMod 
◾ Conan Sexiles 
◾ Thrall War Dungeon Mod 
◾ Savage Steel 
◾ Savage Steel vol II 
◾ ExilesExtreme 
◾ ExilesExtreme_FeatBlocker 
◾ Emberlight 
◾ Primal Armors 
◾ Barbarism and armors 
◾ CNC 
◾ Exiled_lands_improved 
◾ Glass Constructions and more... 
◾ GCam down to 60 
◾ Aquilonian Females 
◾ Roleplay 
◾ Pippi - User & Server Management 
◾ Less_Building_Placement_Restrictions_OE_No_NPC_Camps 
◾ WARRIOR Mutator for Conan Exiles 
◾ RP Aesthetics (RA) 
◾ Kerozards Paragon Leveling 
◾ Unlock Plus (with Pickup)

• Recently Wiped - 07/13/2019
• High Performing Server & Experienced Host
• No Decay
• Maintained Server
• Friendly Admins & Productive Atmosphere
• Custom Pippi & Thrall War Quests
• Helpful & Useful Kits
• Level Boost
• D&D Skills and Dice System
• Custom quests.

~If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

This is NOT a serious server at all. STAY AWAY!

I joined the discord close to two weeks ago, the normal welcome bot greeting told me to read the rules to acess the dicord, well there was no rules channel, in fact it was 4 voice channels, none of them rlevant, and a list of mods, a description of the server and server status, but no rules to read or answer.

I then asked about this and got no answer for about a week, I then rather angrily asked about athe seriousness of the server give then lack of #rules in the dicord, the very same rules the BOT referred to.

I was then given some gibberish about the server bing only 3 days old and basically told to not complain or leav.

I think that speak volumes and I can only urge people to stay far far away from from Dark Debuchery as it is not in any way a serious server .