Dark Desires - Heavy RP/PvE

Dark Desires has been in the Conan world for a long time. Starting with Age of Conan back in 2008, we have built a reputation for mature, involving and free flowing RP. The guild itself is based deeply in lore, particularly around Derketo, and Stygian Culture. Although of course members of any race/religion are welcome.

We are now, using the experience gained in AoC and knowledge of Conan lore gradually moving to Conan Exiles.

The server runs on a powerful dedicated server on a physical machine, which means we avoid the lag spikes, disconnects and other annoyances due to virtual servers found on other hosted servers.

We are also the author of the Dark Desires Mod with all kinds of custom items made for both clans and players. Having our own Mod is a huge advantage to the players and allows us to offer some unique services not available anywhere else. Such as offering custom banners with your own logo.

We also acknowledge that the starting experience is quite brutal and unfriendly to RP, so we have provided safe houses, roads and the like to various hubs around the desert map(ofc it’s up to you if you want to use them)

We welcome all players, who wish to immerse themselves in the lore of Conan, and who also won’t mind a Derketo Centric clan running the server :slight_smile:

Server Details

  • Server IP: Please join our discord for server information
  • Admins Salome, Maggie
  • Discord Ag6g6bN
  • The Server is fully paid forever and privately hosted in a UK datacentre(so we own and run the server, with no middleman)
  • The Server is also backed up, and we operate a no wipe policy. Your progress will never be reset or wiped if we can at all manage it(and so far we have managed not to wipe once)

Key settings(can be viewed in more detail from the server select screen in game so wont list them all here).

  • Mods: Pippi and Dark Desires(Maggie is the author) All via Steam Workshop
  • Max Clan Size 20, Max concurrent players 70
  • Regions all, except Africa, South America and Asia
  • XP multiplier 2.0
  • No Building Damage
  • Inventory items kept on death, and only player can loot own corpse
  • Idle and active thirst and hunger multiplier is 0.6
  • Thrall and item conversion is 0.5
  • Stamina Cost Multiplier is 0.7
  • Spoil rate is 0.8
  • Resources spawn multiplier is 3.0

Red Tape stuff

Since the server is RP centric, we have built a few structures to allow the new player to at least survive until they get themselves settled , and aim to make the new player experience smoother if not easier. Of course you can make it as hard as you like and there is no requirement to make use of this :blush:

That said there are a few basic rules we ask players to adhere to.


1: Be nice, no excessive swearing, trolling or nastiness in the game or in the chat. This will grant you an automatic timeout or even ban. Basically, keep religion, politics and spoilers out of chat.

2: This is an RP (Role Playing) server, we expect everyone to respect this and also be comfortable with the concept of ERP. Saying that ERP will and should be kept private and not broadcast to everyone else on the server or nearby :blush:

3: Part of the RP mentality, we expect all players to have an RP name for their characters or clan. If you do not have an RP name, expect to be asked to choose a new name or kicked. Please be sensible and don’t use names like Conan Or Akivasha as these are already taken in lore.

4: Global chat is OOC (out of character), guild chat is up to your guild and the local chat is IC. (in character). If you wish to ERP use /whisper or find a room :blush:

5: Currently this server is in PvE mode, from time to time it maybe set to PvP to support consensual events. The community will be notified about this on our discord server. Same goes for building destruction and the purge. By default they are disabled, but we will consider requests to enable them temporarily to forward server wide RP.

6: You must be at least 18 years old to play on this server. If you are found not to be 18, we will ban you. You also must RP a character of 18 years old or more.

  1. The server will never be wiped. Unless Funcom updates the game and announces that the only way to run a server is with a new data base, we will never wipe the server. From time to time we will clean using data base scripts buildings and characters that are old and not being used. We will also not use the decay system in its current form. We will give plenty of notice on our discord when we are going to do this.

  2. Solo players and clans can build as big as they want with in common sense. A building must never block access to features of the game or map. If a gate or wall is built, the access door must be a public door. Before building something very big or in an area that could be considered a starter area or access to something, discuss it with the admins and we will tell you if you can proceed. No pre-size area will be imposed. Also, it is regarded as “bad form” to build wheels right next to NPC spawns, so please don’t :blush: If the server performance suffers, then we may need to revisit these rules and/or introduce the decay mechanic.

Basically, Enjoy yourselves and don’t be a douche

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How about the important stuff, right at the beginning? The region, because people might not want to bother reading further it it’s on another continent. The multipliers, because, for instance, I may not want x4 exp and harvesting, but may find x1 hunger, thirst and spoilage too much of a bother.


Apologies, the settings must have sipped by the edit. I’ve updated the main post with the current settings. So, thanks for letting me know.

As mentioned above(and with any server) it’s best to look at the settings from the server selection screen as they are current. While we don’t anticipate changing the values, if funcom change something that means we need to in order to keep the balance we will.

Thanks for the response. I understand that we have the most current settings on the server browser in-game. But this requires starting the game and waiting for it to filter the proper server, while at the same time we have potentially hundreds of servers to manually check this way.

Just for kicks, I’ve just tried that. With filters as PvE for Combat Mode, “servers with mods” and “dark” in server name, it took the browser 2.5 minutes to find me 2/752 servers with “dark” in their name. No “Dark Desires” though (and nothing on the PvP servers page either). And I have to do that for hundreds of servers if the operators don’t give enough information in their threads :).

I’d like to share how I am trying to filter the server offers, other people’s mileage (and important settings and values) may vary and all that.

Basically, I’m between servers. Hundreds of offers. Zero trust in the online server listing sites. Need a way to eliminate servers fast, because come on, evil won’t right itself.

  1. I am in EU. I am not playing with pings in the hundreds. So Ideally I want the region where the server is located to be in the thread title before I click. If it isn’t, there is a 90% chance that I’ll move on (not sure why I clicked on this :wink: ). I don’t want to waste time looking for ping numbers in the in-game server browser.

  2. I am a PvE player. I want this information in the title as well.

If none of the above are in the title, I assume it’s an US+PvP server and move on.

  1. Less than 20 slots? Moving on…

  2. Exp and harvesting above x2? Moving on, I don’t want “creative mode”

  3. Thirst/hunger/spoilage at 1.0? Not sure I want to spend that much time feeding myself.

The rest is negotiable, but personally I’d need to see the above information in the post before I start playing with the in-game browser.

It’s in a UK datacentre using “proper” connections. so it’s not sitting in someones house using their broadband. :slight_smile:

Yeah, balancing numbers to make it easy for RP Players to focus on RP and still provide a degree of challenge is tricky. I doubt we will ever be a hard core PvE server. it’s not where our interest lies.

We hope we’ve got the balance about right for a RP server and to me in any case, the numbers are less important than the community and focus of the server :slight_smile:

I wasn’t trying to have you change your server to my liking, it was an example of the information that I think the average person would like to see in a thread before bothering to spend time in the in-game browser.

No worries. I didn’t take offence and since we’re all learning about this, it’s useful to have stuff I might have missed mentioned so we know for next time.

I know for example, I wouldn’t want to put my time into something that wasn’t properly hosted, could be unplugged by cleaners /parents/room mates, was subject to the whim of a domestic ISP or someone paying the bills

We are in the fortunate position of not needing any of the above

The Discord channel seems dead, the online forum is also dead, as in no activity for a long time. And when I try to connect with Dark Desires and Pippi in either order, the game won’t let me connect. It says install mods in the following order (with no mod list).

Hi We have been updating the mods to work with the new hotfixes by funcom. If you use steam you can update them (unsub and re-sub to force an update)or you can download them by going to our discord and finding the download link

The order is pippi and then the DD mod.

Not sure why the discord was empty, the URL is https://discord/gg/Ag6g6bN

let me know if you are still having issues


Hoping to welcome many new, and returning great role players today.

We’ve been asked a couple of times about what is the basis for lore on the server. We will be using Conan lore and to some extent that in AoC as the basis for characters on our server,

To give people time to come back and re-establish themselves we ill be doing a tidy up of players, clans and structures 30 days after launch. Please see our discord for more information.

Server has been patched and is running the live version. The DD mod and Pippi also need updating

this address doesn’t seem to work discord/gg/Ag6g6bN


The forum is/was a little funny about links so

Try putting https:// in front of the discord.gg/Ag6g6bN

sorry its just me being a bit thick :blush:… I didn’t know what discord was :roll_eyes: I have used team speak in the past :thinking:

No worries :slight_smile: TS is nice, but messages are not persistent so discord is(for us) better as it allows us to communicate updates, server news and chat etc without the pain of a forum

Great name from my past, Aquilonia server. Recognise a few names mentioned too. Great to see you guys still going!

Im on PS4 these days so sadly wont be able to join you, but wish you the best of luck.

A friend and myself are looking for a server to get involved with, but neither of us know much about Conan lore, happy to get involved with RP, so I wanted to ask, is this server friendly to those not familiar with the lore?

Hi, yes. So long as you are willing to give RP a go and are respectful.

Just a short update. We’re growing rapidly with regular server events including a 'run the gauntlet" player made ‘dungeon’, building server wise RP story, Player tavens, settlements and lore…

Plus more :slight_smile:

Server is great!

Best server I’ve played on by a long shot. Server is a dedicated machine, no wipes, great RP, nice player community, active and extremely helpful admin. Fantastic lore for server admin clan too from AoC days.

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