Desires Undreamed Of (18+ RP/PvP!)

Desires Undreamed Of (DUO) [pc] [rp-pvp] [mature community]
Desires Undreamed Of is an immersive PC RP server (18+ only!) that is ERP-positive, creating a supportive and safe environment for players to explore and create stories while also indulging in lusty, mature themes during their RP. While we love naughty ERP and thrilling PvP, we focus on creating amazing RP first and foremost! Our server settings are close to vanilla to promote the struggle for survival and the relationships and teamwork this promotes.

This is a mature community that embraces vibrant characters and dynamic stories. We stay true to lore and don’t shy away from the darker aspects of the world of Conan; slavery, violence, death, and debauchery lurk around every turn. Danger is ever-present and scenarios can change in the blink of an eye. However, this environment is created by supportive, respectful, and fun players who are screened to display maturity, respect, and consideration for each other.

While we embrace ERP and PvP, we’re a roleplaying community first and foremost. Characters must fit in the lore of Conan Exiles and players are expected to play IC at all times. Server leadership is involved and present (no Admins in the castle on the hill here!) and players are expected to show respect and consideration to each other at all times OOC.

We would love to welcome you and your character to our growing server! Check out our Discord and spend less than 5 minutes filling out our short, easy application.

Required to join our Discord.

Direct Connect Info :

Implimented weekly monster hunts, daily turn ins, and a growing market place!

A few bumps with the recent updates, but we have a great team that’s kept our server up without a wipe! :sunny:

New server events on the weekend!

Great job by our community hosting their own events!