DREAMS OF THE OASIS (18+): The Leader in Conan Exiles Roleplay on PlayStation

Join the Discord to learn more: Dreams of the Oasis/Island (RP-PVP, 18+ Only, PS4/5)

Active 25-30+ members on each day, Active voice ROLEPLAY, longest running ROLEPLAY server on PS4/5 currently! Great Admin team, Great players, amazing stories!
-Economy up and going weekly markets!
-Territories/kingdoms are now active (but will they be able to keep them? Find out next time…hear there’s trouble brewing)
-Siptah items are brought to the exiled map! So decorations and weapons are versatile and high RP! (Bi weekly siptah shop)

  • ACTIVE PLAYER EVENTS (always something to do! Bounties, Quests, Events,Star Gazers Fighting Field etc)
  • last but not least, this is a Robert E Howard role play server, we keep it classic and lore friendly~ extremely fun!

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What is the Region of your server please?

EU! But the server never sleeps, we have active players in all time zones.

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Nice to know m8, I will speak to friends from my old pvp clan, they always wanted to participate in a Role play server. I have all the info here to come in touch, thanks again :+1:t6:.

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RP rules for Age of Sorcery are here! Join our Discord to check them out: Dreams of the Oasis (RP-PVP, 18+ Only, PS4/5)