DREAMS OF THE OASIS (18+): The Leader in Conan Exiles Roleplay on PlayStation

Join the Discord to learn more: Dreams of the Oasis/Island (RP-PVP, 18+ Only, PS4/5)

Active 25-30+ members on each day, Active voice ROLEPLAY, longest running ROLEPLAY server on PS4/5 currently! Great Admin team, Great players, amazing stories!
-Economy up and going weekly markets!
-Territories/kingdoms are now active (but will they be able to keep them? Find out next time…hear there’s trouble brewing)
-Siptah items are brought to the exiled map! So decorations and weapons are versatile and high RP! (Bi weekly siptah shop)

  • ACTIVE PLAYER EVENTS (always something to do! Bounties, Quests, Events,Star Gazers Fighting Field etc)
  • last but not least, this is a Robert E Howard role play server, we keep it classic and lore friendly~ extremely fun!

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What is the Region of your server please?

EU! But the server never sleeps, we have active players in all time zones.

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Nice to know m8, I will speak to friends from my old pvp clan, they always wanted to participate in a Role play server. I have all the info here to come in touch, thanks again :+1:t6:.

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RP rules for Age of Sorcery are here! Join our Discord to check them out: Dreams of the Oasis (RP-PVP, 18+ Only, PS4/5)

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Still here, active as ever. Dreams of the Oasis is the longest running, consistently active server for Roleplay in Conan Exiles on PlayStation! People logging on at all times of the day, multiple fun events every week! Meet passionate and friendly roleplayers from around the world with a strong community ethos.

Our server stories have been incredibly popular since the beginning, and the newly launched WRATH OF THE BLACK RING

is no exception, with our player list maxing out for major events such as raids, battles, and RPG style dungeon crawls and/or interactive encounters involving diplomacy, wits and skill.

We are true to Robert E. Howard’s lore and to the legacy of other great Conan RP predecessors. Our banner is woven together of many clans and lineages telling a history of glorious deeds and legends that live on to this day. Join Oasis and see why our dream is unlike any other in unlocking the true potential of this game.

Was very interested in your server but I have to tell you, just reading through the rule and all the restrictions was kinda exhausting. Having to do write ups for all encounters etc. felt more like a job than a RP experience. I mean kudos to you guys, the entry requirements just felt like a huge barrier.

It certainly is not for everyone, and quality roleplay takes effort. Conan Exiles is set up as a survival game, not a roleplaying game, so the rules and server lore that we put in place give it the necessary structure to be a true multiplayer RPG. After 2+ years our server remains extremely popular and active. Our players have genuine passion for acting out and writing their characters’ stories. It is addictive and an experience like nothing else, that’s why we continue to love doing this and sharing it with others.