[PS4] looking for PVP/RP server. Builder and occasional pvper

hello all. I am really wanting to get back in the game. I loved the PVP/RP servers I was on a while back. I am a builder at heart and would love to build some works of art that other can raid and destroy. Im not super great at pvp but i do enjoy it. I am just looking for a server that I can RP in and interact with chill people.

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Welcome friend, please come and check out “Dreams of the Oasis!” :slight_smile:

-Friendly and fun for new and seasoned players
-Slightly boosted settings
-Lore based on Robert E. Howard’s Conan setting
-Voice roleplay, must be 18+ years old
-PVP but RP first, no mindless aggression
-Dynamic storylines and D&D style encounters