Dreams of the Oasis – PS4 Roleplay server (RP/PVP, 18+)

For those interested in story, characters, and a social roleplaying experience on PS4 , look no further than our friendly server community! We are a dynamic RP server with an immersive Hyborian Age setting for you to explore. Featuring regular weekly events (arena, trade, battles, fun and games!) and opportunity for every player to become a hero, a villain, or something in between.

  • Welcoming for new and seasoned players
  • Authentic lore based on Robert E. Howard’s Conan
  • Voice roleplay required, must be 18+
  • PVP but roleplay first
  • Weekly events and dynamic story encounters

Some images from our roleplay and events:


Still here, still thriving! Check us out: https://discord.gg/KwAWYtFaZX

Check out our server posting on Reddit too!

Dreams of the Oasis; Active Role Play/PvP PS4/PS5 Server