The Hyborian Age (True RP-PvP) for PS4/5', role-playing server for BOTH maps

Server Name: The Hyborian Age (True RP-PvP) for PS4/5
Server Region: EU
Server Type: RP-PVP
Map: All Maps
Server Lore: Classic R.E. Howard Conan lore
Age Restriction: 18+

Server Description:
The Hyborian Age (True RP-PvP) for PS4/5’, role-playing server, focused on creating an immersive experience, based on Robert E. Howard in an age undreamed of.

Why has your character come to these lands, tell us your story on how you arrived via our Discord backstories channel. Share your story in the game with active voice roleplay. Take part in regular events found in the lands, such as arena battles or simply settle with some ale in a tavern with old and new friends. Take part in massive server storylines that forge the land’s history. Join player towns, forge a kingdom and claim your land or simple build and survive. Regardless of your experience, we welcome all.

Server Features:

  • Unique Character Creation. Players gain perks based on what race they select.
  • RP write-ups via Discord, tell your story!
  • A very experienced RP admin team
  • History and Rumour channels. Leave your mark on the lands.
  • Many good locations still available.
  • Kingdom System
  • Server Storyline
  • New Player friendly
  • Weekly Quests
  • Weekend Boost depending on God
  • All Maps
  • So much more!

Exiled Lands

Isle of Siptah

Join our thriving exiles server, follow the link to our discord, tell your tale in an age undreamed of.

Discord Link

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I am not into Rolepay but glad to see you offering it to those who are keep it up. I can barely remember anything from the books it has been so long.

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More information on our server here:

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The 4th age will be starting soon and this is a great time to join with fresh locations and new characters joining after a recent server wipe - which we rarely do.