Conan Exiles PS4 Server: The Hyborian Age (true RP-PvP)

Begin a new life in an age undreamed of. Join our thriving exiles server, which is set in The Hyborian Age of Conan world, (true RP-PVP)! Featuring
Active Voice Roleplay & Discord Chat, Regular Events, Server Storyline & Quests, Arena, Trading Town + Map Room, and more.

Join our discord, build a BIO based on the Conan world and being in an age undreamed of.

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Update on Server:
New players must register on our discord and create a BIO based upon Conan Lore. The address for discord will come up when you login.

May I please receive an invitation to the discord?

PSN: DLimit33

May I get an invitation to the discord please?

Hey could I get a discord inv my psn is three splasher

Just an update to let everyone know this server is still going and becoming very popular. Here a preview of some of the builds you find on the server. Hope you enjoy it.

I want to bump this because I’ve been playing here roughly a month now. It’s a fantastic community. The builds are gorgeous. The RP is excellent, they do allow PVP because how can you allow for realistic true RP in a world like this without conflict? But the PVP is “controlled” in a way that makes it fun for both sides. Base wiping and griefing isn’t allowed.

I want to bump this cuz, while the server has a good amount of active players, there is plenty of room for more, and I want others to be able to find this easier than I did (the most recent post is months ago so this has since got drowned by many other posts)


Join the discord and come check it out if you are looking for good RP and a respectable community.

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hey can i get an invite my psn is flessname115 and discord is exe#2564

Here the discord link to join:

We have a new video showing our server, with some amazing builds the community have made.

I will have to see if I can get Discord working on a smart-phone and give you guys a whirl. I’ve been dying since my tower decided to start going wonky on me and I can’t play a game without a pod-cast or a discord burbling along in the background, and Solo is becoming somewhat stale.

In regards to the ‘Trading Town’, are there any specific rules or limitations on what can and cannot be traded?

I was assuming that the server limit is 40 people. If there’s over a hundred folks in the discord, does that mean slots in the server are limited?

And do the ‘big’ Clans object to folks settling in ‘their’ biomes? The few official servers I’ve joined have made it abundantly clear that solo players are expected to either be totally subservient and provide exorbitant bribes or get their homes burned to the ground on sight.

Hope you get discord and you would be most welcome.

The trading town is clan, so all the merchants can be together. There is no limits but I suggest you design a character selling something that others are not.

We have around 10-15 players on per night. Like most servers, this goes up and down. We also cover so many time zones, which helps spread the load.

Clans are maxed at 6, as there nothing worse then joining a server that is full of just one clan. This creates more balance. You can play solo or join a current one. There is no land claiming, so build as you please. Everything RP, so if they want to claim, they must RP they own it, not server rules.

Very friendly server, so dont worry about being bullied around. It not happen, unless you upset an evil clan.

Hope that answers all questions?

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Hi please send me a server invite on Discord, I’m new to the PVP but I’ve read a lot of RE Howard and I enjoy the game. ApostateBuddha

Updating the link encase others have stopped:

Server still very active.

bumping post

Is this still a server being used? I played a year ago
and enjoyed it but my group all left. I’m
Looking to start again and would
Like to know a bit more about your server and character options.

Yes server still going. No plans to end anytime soon. We currently around 20 active players during peak times.

Our long running RP server still going. Check out at latest trailer!

Discord Link to join us: