PS4 - 18+ RP Community (PvP/RP Heavy) - DnD Inspired, Password Protected! Dungeon Master Controlled Gods, Player Controlled Factions, Professions, Caravans, Market PvP, Bandits, Quests, & Politics. Player Driven Story!

EDIT: I can post links now! Thanks Funcom!
EDIT: Our website and server are both now online
EDIT: Server info added to the bottom of this post
EDIT: Update: We are currently developing a mobile web app for our website. It is quite beautiful, and quite the game changer. Check out the prototype!! (NOTE: even though it says Android, this app works on iphones as well. Work in progress!

After putting in massive amounts of work to incorporate systems that were not available to us in another game, we all had a sigh of relief when we saw C:E on the horizon.

It goes without saying that the sheer and absolute RP potential to be found with C:E is unrivaled on our platform.
(Former AoC player so I may be Funcom biased, but dammit funcom we need text chat!)

You will be hard pressed to find a better, more organized, or more experienced RP server on any other platform.

You’ll be happy to say you were one of the firsts on the biggest, most experienced, and most organized RP community for C:E on PS4, Xbox, or PC!

This Community is for ages 18+ only

Its just a little over two weeks since Funcom launched Conan Exiles to the general public, and we are already seeing a lot more potential than we did months after Ark’s launch. Of course, no game is without bugs on launch day, and we understand the hard work going on behind the scenes to bring us an even more refined product.

In the mean time, our team has found many work arounds to allow us to run and moderate our server properly. The result? Many have come into our discord and told us that our server is the only true RP server on PS4, and we gladly accept this title.

And we aren’t stopping there. Persistent worlds are worlds that continue to shape and evolve while we are offline, and this persistent world does everything it can to remain true to Howard’s original vision for the Hyborian era.

Even with our extreme vetting process and our password protected servers, we tend to see upwards 20 active players during non-peak hours. Quite an accomplishment this early on! We are beside ourselves with excitement when it comes to the potential future for our community, working alongside Funcom to bring our players a true Howard experience.

We anticipate your arrival!


CE Server Info

Name of Server:


Age Restrictions:

Location of Server:

Max capacity of server:
60 (and a 20 slot playground server for building ideas)


Discord Server:
Invite link found inside the Player’s Handbook on our wiki

Password Protected

Server Settings
Server settings are constantly in flux to keep players on their toes and to avoid meta-game decision making.

Day/Night Ratio:
6 hour days. 30 minute Nights

Peak Play Times:

Does the Server use Mods?
PS4 Does not allow for mods, but we have incorporated our own persistent world systems: Economy, professions, faction systems, etc

Is there an application to join the server?
All new members must go through a vetting process so that we can ensure only the most dedicated RPers are allowed in.
The Vetting Process Consists Of:

  1. Finding our Discord in the Player Handbook (to ensure that you are familiar with community expectations before joining our community)
  2. Creating an obsidian portal account
  3. Creating a character sheet
  4. passing a knowledge check on our community rules and guidelines.

Server Lore:
Heavily based in Howard’s original vision, taking place before the reign of King Conan. Some influences are drawn from other Conan lore - such as the marvel universe (to a healthy limitation).

Server Ruleset:
Found on our wiki:


We are looking forward to a response from Team Funcom on the potential services available to us in regards to server hosting services and capabilities!


I’ll be helping recruit new members from here to join our Role-playing community. If you have any questions or want to know how to join, I’ll be at your service.


Question for the staff (possibly one they’ve received hundreds of times by now), but what is the likelihood of us being able to rent a dedicated server on PS4 come May 8th?

I know this is hard to believe (hell, it is for me at least)… but the game hasn’t even launched yet and our community is already 30 members strong - ballooning up by 60% within the first 24 hours of this post.

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We are excited to announce that our PS4 server and website are both live! Join us on discord, follow our wiki, and jump into the fastest growing RP community for C:E on PS4!

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Never played with these guys before but I’m excited to for Conan. Been on the discord a few days now and they are a friendly bunch! Also the staff seems super dedicated to creating RP with quest and faction systems and the like. :slight_smile:

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Hey Hermes,

I would like to host a server.
Where did you booked your PS4 Server and is your server online and playable?

Have fun!


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G-portal has servers available for PS4 for a reasonable price. Hope this helps!

Thank you! We definitely look forward to having you on board with us this time around. Good things coming!

Howdy all! I’m looking to join. Oh… one more thing… How do I find the discord using the Discord Mobile App? (much easier to use the app they said, three days later and I still can’t figure this app out.)
P. S. : Are you ladies and gents putting Videos on YouTube or etc? Would love to watch what all transpires in the world you all have created.

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Hi Brett, how can I join please?!

We eventually tend to do so but right now we are rather miffed by funcoms oversight of text chat! Click on my profile and head to the website. It will begin you on the path to joining our great collective masterpiece.

I would like to join your server. How do I go about doing that?

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Seems like you found your way! Happy to have you on board!

This community has really taken off. We are seeing an average active concurrent player base of 20 players, our discord has swelled to over 50 members, and our website is having several pages added to it daily.

Our next goal? Community spotlight! We are aiming to be the paragon of RP experience for Conan Exiles on the PS4 platform, in a community that fits their stories to align properly with the original visions of Mr. Howard.

Hello Brett, I am 45yr old & I would like to ask how do I join. I play about 12hrs a day & I am a team player. I play Tera & Ark the amount of hours I have in ark lol

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Sounds like youll fit right in @sam! There is a link you will need to follow, but since I cant post links - you will need to click on my profile picture to the left of this post.

My website will be listed there.

Hope this helps!

Can I just say, this is one of the best server I’ve Roleplayed in in months. Keep up the grest work guys, I enjoy the realism of it all. :ok_hand:

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If you want a good, respectful RP on Conan Exiles on the system (ps4.)

you or your “friends” had come to the right place! have fun and meet some new weird funny people on the way as you fight for every little thing you can get your hands on!

Warnings: The game mode is not friendly to new players so do even bother with trying to be strong as it’s no fun what so ever, Other players if they want to can just kill on the spot so oh ways make sure you hind your body for safe keeping. you can also lose all of your stuff by getting killed

Tips: Keep in mind RP first and game play second, is alright to lose, Play smart in combat, plan ahead, talk to others people because there’s safely in numbers!

Good luck you warriors! ;D

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