Upcoming PS4 EU RP-PVP Server

Hello everyone!

Conan Exiles offers a lot of opportunities for community to join together and create great fun experience! Me and my friends have been playing the game for a while now on PS4 platform and haven’t really been able to settle in server with the settings and community we desired for.

Therefore, new RP-PVP server for EU PS4 players is coming! We are looking to start fresh server with the settings that players prefer and if you are a player that has a desire to play on community-driven RP-PVP server, stop here and complete the form below and give us feedback on what server settings are you looking for. We are looking for ratings between 1x - 4x but you have an option to submit your wish!

Server settings form: https://goo.gl/forms/qxNQEWvce83DnCNB3

Server will be supported by active admins, who will eliminate everyone who is not respecting server rules and are trolling around the server. Discord channel will also be available for the community, where trading, chat roleplaying and general communication will be available!

I will update the post accordingly :slight_smile:

If you have any additional questions or suggestions, PM me on reddit or add my on PSN: zanfraas