New Conan RP PS4 server

Black-Sheep RP’s newest Conan Exiles Hardcore RP server is now open.

Whether you are an RP veteran or a casual newcomer, this community is available to every playstyle.

Take your RP to the Next Level.
Join us in a Brand New Community.

Features include:

• Server Lore based on the Classic World of Conan by Robert E. Howard.

• Vast Kingdoms that Grow and Evolve with the population and story provided by the players.

• Full Economy and Trading Community
with Jobs and Roles for All.

• Quests & Events for every Playstyle

• Endless RP opportunities.

• Active Discord Community

• 70 Slot Server

• 24/7 Admin & Staff Availability.

Whether you are a soldier, a thief, a noble, or a simple commoner…There is something for everyone!

Join us for the newest Conan Exiles RP Experience.

Im game my psn is cyynsyt hmu im new to rp

Don’t think this link works anymore. It’s not taking me to a group just opens my discord

Yeah your discord link is dead. Just pulls up a page that says invalid invite when you click on it.