New Conan RP PS4 server

Black-Sheep RP’s newest Conan Exiles Hardcore RP server is now open.

Whether you are an RP veteran or a casual newcomer, this community is available to every playstyle.

Take your RP to the Next Level.
Join us in a Brand New Community.

Features include:

• Server Lore based on the Classic World of Conan by Robert E. Howard.

• Vast Kingdoms that Grow and Evolve with the population and story provided by the players.

• Full Economy and Trading Community
with Jobs and Roles for All.

• Quests & Events for every Playstyle

• Endless RP opportunities.

• Active Discord Community

• 70 Slot Server

• 24/7 Admin & Staff Availability.

Whether you are a soldier, a thief, a noble, or a simple commoner…There is something for everyone!

Join us for the newest Conan Exiles RP Experience.

Im game my psn is cyynsyt hmu im new to rp