The Oasis and the Island! Roleplay servers for Playstation, 18+

Exiled Lands and Siptah RP servers for Playstation, 18+, lore-friendly Conan

Two great servers linked through RP, full of interesting characters and stories! Plenty of events and activities, emphasis on having fun as a community of roleplayers. If you are looking for a great place to call home in Conan, look no further.

*** Dreams of the Oasis (for Exiled Lands): Dreams of the Oasis (RP/PVP, 18+ Only) **

*** Tales of the Island (for Siptah): Tales of the Island (RP/PVP, 18+ Only) **

Both feature:

-Engaging roleplay

-Friendly people

-Active admins

-Close to official settings, 2X harvest

-No decay on builds

Dive for hidden treasure with a shady pirate captain, challenge a proud northern king to a duel, or enjoy the witticisms of an amiable tavern-keeper. The RP never stops here and neither do we!