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  • Legends of the Exiled RP-

If you enjoy quality RP-PvP, a warm and passionate community, active admins that implement and maintain fulfilling RP systems meant to extend game-play (kingdoms/outposts, land-claims, magic, factions), then we have a home for you.

Join us, become a legend.

  • Isle of Siptah

  • PS4

  • Plenty of land is still up for grabs!

  • 2x gathering and xp

  • Keep loot on death

  • PvP 24/7

  • D&D inspired events

  • Factions

  • Admin Shops

  • Weekly quest giver

  • Text based Roleplay

  • Heavy Lore based Roleplay

  • Dedicated Weekend Raids (Require valid RP)

  • Toxicity and griefing are not allowed and will be punished swiftly.

  • Admins are well-versed in Conan lore and verify that RP stays canon.