[PC][NA] Blood & Debauchery [Heavy RP 18+]

Blood & Debauchery is a friendly Role-Play community with our own server focusing mainly on character stories to push gameplay and server direction. Creativity is running wild within B&D, and all of us are waiting in anticipation for more enticing characters and stories to join us! Will you be next, Exile?

RP may be done through either voice or text chat though the majority tend towards text RP in game. Any ERP (Erotic Role Play) must be consented to OOC (out of character) beforehand and although ERP is permitted we are first and foremost a RP community. We want you to feel comfortable here, and we uphold respect to everyone’s boundaries. Our community is small at the moment, but very friendly and welcoming though also intolerant of toxic behaviors such as OOC drama, negativity and bigotry.

Some players have entertained themselves by writing Character Journals and stories from their own perspective and RP as our story library grows and shapes our world. Though this is completely optional, it adds some flavor for you writing enthusiasts out there! We always appreciate a good read.

If you’re interested in joining us or finding out more then go to the link below to fill out your application or jump on our Discord and meet the community. Discord is our main method of communication and a great way to find out any questions you may have about us and our server.

Once your application is accepted, check out the forums for important server information and password!


  • Combat Mode: PvP

  • Harvest Multiplier: 2x

  • Experience Multiplier: 2x

  • Restrict PvP Building Damage: Off

  • Avatars: Enabled

  • Combat Targeting: Enabled


  1. Pippi

  2. Fashionist

  3. Conan Sexiles

  4. Immersive Sexiles Extensions

  5. ExilesExtreme

  6. LTs Farming

  7. Ruins of the Storm: Armor

  8. Unlock Plus (With Pickup)

  9. LitMan Thrall Placing Distance

  10. LitMan Level Seventy-Eight

  11. LitMan Item Stack & Container Size

  12. More Black Ice Weapons Cut Content


Blood & Debauchery Website: https://bdroleplay.enjin.com/

Community Discord: https://discord.gg/tYzEyNz

Community is growing and RP is thriving. Some of the Features we offer and currently in the works:

  • Friendly, no OOC Drama Community
  • Character Clans, Stories, Rivalries and more
  • 18+ Adult Server with RP/ERP/RPvP Content
  • Server shop for special in game items
  • 78 levels with increases Attribute and Feat points
  • Evolving Player Economy

In the works:

  • /roll RP combat system
  • RP Hubs: Markets, Taverns, Arena’s, Brothels
  • Weekly Events

Updated mod list:

Conan Sexiles
Immersive Sexiles Extensions
Unlock Plus (With Pickup)
LitMan Thrall Placing Distance
LitMan Level Seventy-Eight
LitMan Item Stack & Container Size
Less Building Placement Restrictions
Tae’s Archery Fix