[PC] [NA] Blood and Debauchery RP | Season 1 | RP-PvP | Mature 18+


Blood and Debauchery is a fun RP community of friends who have recently reopened our Conan Exiles server a couple weeks ago. Our server is new and evolving fast with RP rich clans and events, campaign story lines, RP Hubs and great people. For more information visit our website or come join us on Discord and meet the community.

Website: Bloodanddebauchery. com


  • Friendly and active Admin and Players
  • Active Discord chat
  • Season 1: Rise of Clans with storyline campaign that dictate how season 2 will start
  • Campaigns: RP and Conflict storyline for all to get involved in one form or another
  • Admin Built Raid Dungeons and Quests
  • High levels of RP for anyone new to RP or experienced to immerse themselves into
  • Developing Economy merging in game gold and silver coins with Pippi currency
  • Stat and Feat progression beyond level 60
  • Official RP Clans, some more than just human but all with Clan bonuses and Events
  • Main RP Hub at Burning Sands Oasis for RP events and more including:
    • Easy access to all players new and old
    • Clan Membership and perks for more PvE focused role-players
    • Open Market with special vendors and player run merchants
    • Arena for Gladiators to make money competing in combat events
    • Tavern with RP nights and Bard competitions
    • Brothel for those extracurricular activities


  1. Conan Sexiles
  2. Immersive Sexiles Server Mod
  3. Thrall War Dungeon Mod
  4. The Goblins Stash
  5. WARRIOR Mutator for Conan Exiles
  6. Admin Skelos Collector for WARRIOR Mutator
  7. Less Building Placement Restrictions
  8. Fashionist (1.0 and DLC compatible)
  9. Pickup+
  10. Pippi - User & Server Management

For more information and links to our Discord please visit our website at: Bloodanddebauchery. com


Currently looking for more Event Team admin and Staff if anyone is interested more information on our Discord, link can be found via our website www.bloodanddebauchery .com


Clan Spotlight: The Burning Sands Oasis (Point of Interest and Clan)

Just North of the Great River is the Burning Sands Oasis. A place where all are welcomed so long as animosity and violence do not arrive with them.

The Burning Sands Oasis provides a haven for all travelers, a place neutral in all conflicts. Where two laws are strictly followed by all who enter. Those who break the Law are expelled and may never return even if they do survive the Bounty put on their head.

The Two Laws:

  1. Do Not steal from others in the Oasis

  2. Do Not commit unsanctioned violence in the Oasis

At the Burning Sands Oasis an Exile can find:

  • A safe place to rest and recover

  • Fellow adventurers and Clan recruiters

  • The Bazaar, an open market with Clan merchants and other vendors

  • A fighting Arena with weekly tournaments

  • Taverns and Drinking holes with festivities, entertainers and get togethers

  • A Brothel for those extracurricular activities

  • Work and quests

  • A home and a Clan for those who wish to stay and benefit from the well-being and health of the Burning Sands Oasis (+10 to Vitality Stat Bonus)