Trials of Blood 18+RP light PvP 2xall server

We are a friendly server of casual roleplayers looking to expand our playerbase. We love helping eachother out even across clan lines and overall enjoy playing the game together and creating interconnected players that can raid the different dungeons as well as enjoy market days or even a furious battle. We do have a modlist but you can find us on the find server list fairly easily searching Trials of Blood and making sure to click the include modded servers in your search. We also have a thriving discord community to plan interactions and use voice if you so choose.

We are on discord as well, message me for an invite!

1 - Pippi
2 - Glass Constructions and more
3 - Emberlight
4 - Level 140
5 - Level 60 Legendary

Important: We are a friendly, light RP server! The purpose of the server is to create a fun, safe space to play Conan Exiles and interact with people both through RP and OOC, leave all drama at the door and have fun!

Server Rules:

1 - Keep things drama free and fun, any abuse, griefing or discrimination will result in a ban. Moderator’s decisions are final.

2 - Names are to be RP & Conan lore orientated, if stuck use the great Hyrborian name generator.

3 - RP is consensual, if one party isn’t interested respect their decision, failure to do so will be considered abuse and result in a ban.

4 - If you are going to attack another player, RP the interaction, and attacking new players is not acceptable.

5 - Do not attack and kill other players thralls that are in their bases - if they are attacking you near a resource let a moderator know.

6 - No offline raiding

7 - Common sense applies, don’t block of key resources or build too close to NPC camps, especially the main ones.

8 - RP Backgrounds must be established before RP’ing with unknown players, and if there is a mutual history it must be agreed to by both parties if both parties are interested. Use your manners.

We hope to see you soon exile!

server admin


I really love this server! I’ve been here since before launch. The moderator and admin staff are present and helpful and most importantly, AVAILABLE! There’s always someone in Discord to chat with. They do a really great job. Its quiet, not a lot of drama and I don’t have to worry about offline raiding. Best server for casual RP players.

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I have been playing on this server for awhile now, I was warmly welcomed At First, and the staff I thought was amazing. They obviously do not care about their membership and their desires. They are a fan of wipes, and only care for their own direction. If you plan to play on this server be prepared to tow the line to their specification or find another home, because your objection to any dispute will be meet with indifference and Grieving behavior. Me and my wife have chosen to play elsewhere due to the abhorrent behavior of their admin. I will not abide hypocrisy and Grieving and chose not to play with that kind of behavior.

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