Dark Exiles RP-PvP +18, EU Based Isle of Siptah, Custom Classes and Races!

In a land beset by constant conflict exiles clash amongst one another over sparse resources, and territory. In the end only the most ruthless and cunning survive. Yet while mortals squabble amongst one another sinister forces pull the strings behind the scenes.


*No Drop on Death
*PvP Enabled, KoS Forbidden
*Max Level 60
*Thirst and Hunger Rates at 0.1x
*XP Rate 2x, Gathering Rate 3x
*Kits with tools to get you started
*Quest hub
*Mandatory Arena for all your Arena needs
*Island of Siptah


*High fantasy setting seamlessly blending CE lore with inspired lore from D&D
*Unique racials and class perks not tied to items
*A three-tier career path system. Advance from a lowly apprentice to a powerful sorcerer! Multiclassing coming soon.
*Emphasis on meaningful story and character development through RP
*Constant mod development aimed towards providing more tools for both, RP as well as gameplay
*Unique Death Penalties That Substitute DoD
*Actual bonuses and penalties for antagonists, such as vampiric lifesteal at the cost of weakness to sunlight

Direct Connect:

Discord code BZkhWqQ

Slave and pet auction this weekend!