[PC] Blackbane RP [PVPRP, 18+]

Dark Chronicles RP is a PvP-RP server set in Hyborian times; you won’t find elves or orcs but the darkness mankind hides in its soul.

We offer:
7 classes, Stat and weapon bonuses for character races that give a variation to who you play.

A lore friendly magic system that takes you to the Tower of the Elephants or the Pantheon of the Gods to do their bidding in exchange for their knowledge

An economy that uses pippi gold to purchase unique placeable items and pre-fab buildings, specialty vendors that offer material kits for you to use to construct your base

QoL vendors; put in place to make things like skeleton keys or that pile of armour scraps actually useful

A walk through of the content so you don’t miss anything

A unique spin on combat; using the AHDS & Glory of Combat you can wield a variety of effective weapons and have offer those who have fallen a hand back up…or their demise

Server lore excerpt: At first, the Exiles came in a trickle… survivors wandering in from the desert, freshly bound to a land they did not yet know… Disappearances and hushed screams in the night were the harbingers of the arrival of both the Meruvians and the Council of Wolves… Factions were forced to choose a side in a war over who would enslave them or leave it to chance and risk being jailed or sacrificed…That’s where you come in. This is your story. Will you align with those who fight back or with those who instill terror in others? The choice is yours to make.


*Speech Bubbles
*Warrior Mutator
*Dangerous Exile AHDS
*Improved Quality of Life
*Dark Chronicles RP server mod
*EEWA Feat Remover
*Unlock + (with pickup)
*RA: RP Aesthetics
*Glory of Combat
*Glory of Combat-EEWA Patch
*Immersive armours
Discord: https://discord.gg/zPeXxGe