Black Opus RP [18+ Heavy RP-DnD-PvP Many Races and Classes, d20 and more! New Server, Season 1)

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Hi there! Black Opus is new and fresh server, welcoming everyone from newbies to veterans to dive in to the roleplay on our server. We are working hard to give our players an amazing overall experience! :smiley:

We are recruiting staff who wish to become a part of this project and help making it grow

*We are also seeking willing players to take up being leaders of various factions.

You have been summoned by the Keeper of Darkness to an unknown land, a place full of dangers surrounding the lands. You wake up in a dark, wet and awful black walkway. Making your way through the swampy wet floor, dodging the ever-sharp thickets, you find him, the Keeper. What could he want? Why are you of all people here? What could it mean?! You’d best do as you’re asked and begin to seek the answers out…

Server Info
✯Black Opus is a Roleplay Server
✯Classes are WIP and will also include professions, some unlocking special abilities depending on the combination!
✯We use Savage Wilds Map
✯Player driven server and story
✯Player Factions and Land Claims. Grow your Baronys into Kingdoms if you seek more Control.
✯Creativity is rewarded
✯Many options for character customisation
✯Better Thievery, more protections for players who wish to choose that lifestyle
✯Special Custom Events, that will reward custom legendary items, weapons or even let you become one of the Custom Races or gain Curses (Witcher, Lich, Vampire and Werewolf)
✯Lore discovered through IC events, locations, encounters and exploration.
✯Custom, Simple RP Redux system with lots of content and combination (Classes to be released in stages with tokens)
✯High Perfomance and Low Ping

○ XP Rate: x5
○ Harvest Rate: x3
○ Founder’s Kit (Includes: LvL150, Starmetal Gear, Silent Legion Armour and Mysterious Bell)
○ Character Customisation Kits per Race
○ Public Workshop

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Fountain of Life

•Races & Classes
We offer you plenty races to choose from, be it an undead, a demon, human, dwarf, or any other race, as they come with own strengths or weaknesses and few even have custom abilities.

•Dark Fantasy lore
With all the fantasy races involved, the lore revolves around dark mysteries on the lands, where it is up to the character to be involved with the forbidden knowledge, and side by cursed and demonic beings, perhaps becoming one them self, or to resist, and face against it.
One may find a way into other realms, planes of existence that may contain various artefacts, that some crave for.

•d20 Dice and Consent based pvp
When it comes to encounters with other players or story characters, pvp only happens if all players agree, therefore you don’t to worry of being out geared or about lag.

Sometimes besides the fears and dangers of the night, when you look up, you get to enjoy the precious view. For once not spilling blood over the green ground but instead, appreciating the beauty and regaining peace within self.

Within the hidden Lands… rest the dungeons, avoiding the common eye. What’s inside if for the adventurer to discover, but legends speak of madness…

Ruins of the Island Keep

Hideout of the White Wolf

“Ink can make anything out of anything. Just give Ink some spice and oil and Ink shall clink clank through day and night!”

A long time ago a Device of unpredictable power was constructed within the deep caverns of the North… Yet what has happened to it… or what has it caused to happen? After all the Prophecy foretold of an Object that will twist the world

During the Old Age, the two Titans have clashed… the outcome of both was exact. Deceased.

But the Artifacts have been left behind them, are told to withstand the time and perhaps still lay within the lands.

The legends speak…of the ancient ruin… where the purest magic was siphoned into a single object.
It could create or destroy.
But upon unbalance, it was shattered, now the fragments, scattered but are found… all is left is bring them together… and find the ruin to craft it once again.

“The Tree… I hear it breath… it’s heart beat… as if a person… as if alive… it is alive… but more than a person.”

“Light, comfortable and black armour, a silver blade, and tankard of mead, what more could I ask for… ah yeah. Coin and Glory”

Yelena often visits the Hub, and doesn’t mind sharing stories, or providing one with a job for coin… or the way round.

Greetings summoned ones. We are happy to announce that we now have our own website.
You can check it out here:

Overtime as the server will grow it will accumulate more and more information and even stories that took place through out the history of Black Opus.