Dawn of exiles RPvp EU (Fresh 7/6/18)

Dawn of exiles is a server based on the “classes RV” mod, due to the nature of the mod, the gameplay is hardcore and has strong RP elements in it, which were designed to encourage players to work together.
Every choice of the player will make your character different and unique. from the race you choose to your “main class” to you the path you follow, and the weapon you master.
Every choice will forge your story and your place on the server.
Server info:
IP :
XP/gather rate: X2
PvP will be enabled but with a small rule set to enhance the RP experience.
Base raid will be on weekends limited with a small and friendly rule set as well.
-Classes RV
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Server rules:
Be respectful to other players and admins. NO racial or sexual harassing remarks or posts. Racism, Sexual Prejudice, Oppression based on age, gender, or sexual preference is not permitted.
PvP will be allowed when meeting other player via RP or if a player wishes to be 100% PvP with the option to KoS other he can ask the admin for a [full pvp] rank tag. this tag will allow the player to KoS but also will warn others that this player is a full pvp and act accordingly.

Base Raiding- will be open only on weekends and will follow the next rule. A clan that wishes to go to war with another clan will have to have a true RP reason, this reason will have to be posted in discord.
Once the reason is posted the server will mark the attacking clan as “at war” means a message will be broadcasted every 30 minutes in chat, with the clan name marking them as “at war “. while the clan that chooses to go to war is “at war “it will be open to attacks by anyone on the server if someone choose to join the war they will be marked as “at war “as well.

being “at war” doesn’t mean that the clan can be offline raided!, offline raids won’t be tolerated and will result in permanent ban .

server mod:
Classes RV:


still looking for player to play/test with the mod anyone welcome :slight_smile:

nice mod for RP players who want to play in a server with active community

Still looking for more player that want to play and test the diffrent game style the the mod brings to the game