[PC][NA]Jewels of Sepermeru [RP-PVP][AoC, Pippi, Pickup+][+2xHarvest]

Hello Exiles! This is a Modded server for all those interested in a RP friendly server with both RP pvp and pve elements! Or just a place to play and enjoy some Conan. A town dedicated to roleplay has already been established in the North and we welcome everyone to enjoy it!

We’re a group of friends who like to build and play without the stress. We’re making this server out to be place for players that want to RP and enjoy PVE/PVP or just want to play and build and RP in player made locations. 30 slot server with plenty of space to settle, those of us that are on the server now are a friendly non-aggro group so definitely a newbie friendly place to start playing without worrying about logging in to find all your stuff gone and exploded. Mods used to enhance the roleplay experience!

Server Settings

• PVP Always Enabled

• PVP Raiding Always Enabled (With Very Strict Rules)

• Avatars Disabled

• Chests Can Be Locked

• Max Clan Size - 10


• All Items Dropped on Death

• Everyone Can Loot Corpses

• Respawn Back in Desert/Bed/Bedroll


• 1.4 Experience Gains

• 2.0 Harvest Gain

• 1.0 Thrall Conversion Rate

• 0.5 Craft Time (faster)

• 1.0 Idle Thirst Rate

• 1.0 Idle Hunger Rate

• 1.0 Item Spoil Rate

PVP/RP/Server Rules
Kos’ing is not tolerated. If you want to fight someone you must RP it.

No Griefing : No verbally abusing or threatening players in game or on discord. Rp is encouraged but don’t abuse others.

RP Names Required: This is Non-negotiable. If you do not have an appropriate name you will be forced to remake your character. Please respect that this is an RP server.

Theft and Raiding: Stealing from one another isn’t how you make friends but its a tolerable offense. This Inclused stealing from windows, containers,crafting stations or anything left unprotected. No Explosive, orbs or trebuchet unless an official war has been declared. Using these outside of war to raid will result in a ban.

War Declarations: Both clans must agree to a war before engaging in one. A reasonable amount of clan members must be present during the battle itself, it makes no sense for one poor member to have to defend against 6. Admin supervision can be expected for the sake of narrating the action!

No Foundation/Pillar Spamming: Do not block off npc spawning areas or claim large areas with only foundations or pillars. If you want to claim an area you must build a structer bigger than a 1x1 box.

RP : It isn’t a strict requirement, please feel free to just log on and play! Build cool stuff and roleplay away when it strikes your fancy!

Future Planned Events!

Age of Calamitous

Pippi - User & Server Management


Gladiator arenas! Test your mettle against other exiles in a player built Arena for the entertainment of other exiles in a roleplay event to the death! Prizes to the victor.

Murder Mystery! Recieve an invitation to a lavish mansion party with Ale. Wenches. AND MURDER.

Dungeon and World Boss Adventures! Hire a band of player mercenaries to help you defeat the vile beasts that roam the lands and haunt the darkest depth’s of the exiled lands!

All this and more awaits you the Jewels of Sepermeru!!

Server Address:

Discord: https://discord.gg/BUVU9rZ

Feel free to ask questions here, on the discord, or on the server!