Stolen Crown RP/PVP-WIPED 8/31 3XP/3XH -AoC/Pippi- Work-friendly Raid Hours! Chill community

Hello, Exiles!

Come join our server! We are a relaxed RP/PVP server with tons of real estate for building your PvP fortress or RP tavern. NO admin builds other than a map room area for public use! Admin has a personal base built the old fashioned way, but not in a prime location.
Active admin and player-driven economy. Kits, including thespians and PippiJack tables, available for purchase.
Custom drops for certain bosses. More shiny stuff!
Increased crafting speeds.
New Player friendly. We’ll help you out!
Looking for people who seek the thrill of raiding, but who also enjoy the gameplay.
Friendly environment with no tolerance for toxicity. Come here and enjoy the way the game is meant to be played (plus AoC)!

•30 slots - will upgrade with increased server population!
•US based
•Direct connect -

Glass Constructions
Unlock Plus with Pickup
Stacksize Plus

Join our Discord!

We have no plans for server wipes, unless it is absolutely unavoidable at the time of the DLC expansion release. Fingers crossed!