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Hail exile!
We’ve stolen the name Argent Dawn from WoW EU’s most popular RP-server, that’s either ambition or lack of imagination… Urhm, forget that I raised the topic. Let’s move on!
The exiled lands are vast and oppurtunities are plenty. It’s unfair if you won’t share your exiles story with us, we’re more than excited to share ours with you. There is no such thing as a bad roleplayer, there is just some too impatient to express themselves. Don’t be afraid to try it out, we’re friendly people (atleast behind the screen).
As of yet, we’re only two people on a 10 slot server, but if it becomes more active we can always expand. So least to say there is room for creativity!

Roleplay is not complicated, but it takes an investment of time to be fun! Imagine that whomever was hung on that cross has a background, personality, ideal and flaw. Use text to express that character and then watch as his/her story progresses. That is RP in a nutshell!
I’ve personally RP’d many years on WoW and ERP has always been shunned. But it’s silly, it happens anyhow and taking such an important part of a character away makes no sense. This game, unlike WoW doesn’t stretch for a young market and no rules prevent you.
There is little of an atmosphere as of yet as we are few in numbers. Compared to many games Conan Exiles is grizzlier and harscher. Something we enjoy and hope to build an atmosphere around. But we can only carry so many bricks ourselves, we need more people to build a sturdy foundation!

PvP is active, and a part of the RP. That means that other players can kill you. However, senseless slaughter is not what we aspire for since it’s destructive to RP. Though we support that some characters have a desire to kill another character and without the fear of death; it’s not at all an harsch world, right?

Is a great tool for me as Admin on the server. Not much you have to bother with more than installing it. It gives the server neutral NPC’s and economy.
Conan Sexiles
It brings naughty animations and toys to the game.

If you have any questions, feel free to write either here, catch me on steam (Cirkus89) or send a PM here. My discord is Cirkus #9465 and if you decide to join I’ll invite you to our channel!

try this post here:

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Come and join us. We’re a mostly fresh Server and there are many ways to get involved! Don’t be too shy…

Working on a hub, with help of the Pippi addon, on the shared server-discord I announced that on wednesday (tomorrow) it’ll be made public. It is already if you can find it, but that might prove tricky.

Come show your braveness by doing a quest, then spend the money on a drink at the tavern or many vendors. Tomorrow, the gates open for you and it’s worthwhile to grab afew levels already today!


Come join us, we need more peeps!

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