Silver Sun Exiles [US West] PvP-RP Official Settings - NO GODS

Welcome Exiles!

Our server offers official/vanilla settings and rates for those looking to experience Conan Exiles in its purest form.
The single deviation is that Gods’ avatars are disabled; however, all other settings are identical to officials.

Our sever has been up since EA launch in February 2017 and we have built up a wonderful community since that time. We have RPers, hardcore PvPers, casuals, veterans of MMOs, first time players. All are welcome and many have found their long-term home at SSE.

We encourage and nurture RP but it is not required and many of our players are just looking for an authentic Conan experience that is sometimes missing on official servers.

The server is prepaid for 2 years with a leading server rental company in the United States, based in California.

If you are interested in a long-term community with a purist approach, then come join us at Silver Sun Exiles.

IP -

Server Discord: link included in our Message of the Day which you can see when you log in.


Does the server admin participate in general pvp and raiding?

There is a group on here called ISIS…very toxic and raided our base anywhere we build literally every night. Which by itself would be fine but they chopped up all the crafting tables and did their best to grief our base over and over. It’s worth pointing out that currently they are still on the server so i wouldn’t join unless you are comfortable with this sort of experience.


It’s a good server, with an active Discord and responsive admins. Server community is settling in and new clans are growing and being created. Great time to join!

The server admin uses admin rights to handle exploiters and to keep the server running. He does play, although in a defense minded capacity. For the year I’ve played on this server, I’ve never known him to use admin abilities beyond keeping the server running. I have seen him spend hours scouting for griefers (whose playstyle isn’t forbidden, mind you) to give them some consequences for their actions via a manually created treb just like anyone else would. I’ve seen him and his clan spend hours farming and building, seen them defend their property and generally respond to provocation.

Short answer is yes.

The answer to your real question is he doesn’t abuse admin rights.

To add some context, yes toxic players are welcome as long as they do not cheat. If you want to be a villain, be a villain! You’ll find no shortage of people allying against you. The group in question here already has a posse on the look-out for the chance to administer some penal colony justice! On Silver Suns, it falls to the players to decide what’s acceptable and what’s not, and consequently deal with it in the game.

That includes racist, homophobic toxicity in chat, in person, and via voice chat. It’s one thing to play a villain and another to spew toxic hatred out into the world, but hey…if that’s the sort of thing you enjoy…then this server is for you.

This is a GREAT server, good admin that doesnt meddle and lets players play.

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@Legion is a very solid guy, a great gamer and an active admin who always encourages fair play. Glitching is forbidden, cheaters are banned. It’s a cool place with a good vibe.

I’ve been playing on this server for a year or so as well. Admin is a great guy and doesn’t cheat, but doesn’t meddle in the player-made drama and stories, and only bans cheaters, hackers, prejudice and exploiters. The server is very vanilla so it feels like everything matters and good players are rewarded for being smart and not just logging in and farming for 20 minutes, you have to make your decisions count due to the nature of the resources. Base defense, smart play, farming, et all are the name of the game. Alliances and other aspects make the server feel more rich than most, and the community is mostly mature players (villains and heroes both) who have an idea of what they want to do. Good discord and pretty active, maybe 10 people on at all times. The people in the past who quit were complaining about being raided when it’s just the name of the game, they should have played smarter and built better defenses, it’s that simple. That’s why the server is great, you’re rewarded not just for playing, but for planning as well.

Actually, a group of players from various clan just banded together tonight and fully wiped out ISIS’s bases. They all came together temporarily to solve what they perceived to be a problem.
It was an in-game solution by the players.
I wasn’t around to witness it but by all accounts they all had a good time and scored a lot of loot (plus sweet revenge)

Oh don’t get me wrong i don’t expect the admin to do anything about players who are toxic. I perfectly understand servers where everything goes and in my eyes the admins did absolutely nothing wrong whatsoever by remaining impartial. In no way do i blame anyone or hold a grudge, even against the clan ISIS. I do know however that LOTS of people wish to avoid those personality types on online games so i posted here to allow folks like that a heads up. I’m sure the server is otherwise a great place although to be fair i didn’t stick around long enough to see.

lastly… the comments regarding playing smart and building better…currently there are very few ways to build to avoid being offline raided…if any at all. The amount of resources it takes to get into even a T3 building with honeycombing built in the best spot possible is still quite small(60-120 grease orbs can get you into just about anything atm). This was never a problem of building better or relocating but a problem with the way things are structured right now mixed with a person who has too much time on their hands and a personality disorder.

Pvp servers aren’t for everyone, for sure! A great thing about this game is the availability of many server types. Find one with with restricted raid times or rules regarding offline raiding. Maybe a pve server. Good luck and we’ll be here if you decide to come back.

a) Don’t assume what my real question is

b) An admin actively playing on a server is very drama generating. Whether or not admin powers are used are not the issue, but the drama generated by constant accusation and counter-argument that I routinely see.

Thank you for the response.

You’re welcome for the response! Yeah there has been a time or two where that accusation has been made. In fact, just recently I was accused of using admin powers…which I don’t even have. In all cases, at least on this server, the accusations have been made by folks throwing temper tantrums for losing or generally not getting their way. We’ve found that the server, also in all cases, is better off when those unhappy people leave.

In any event, hope to see you in game!

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Awesome server with a good community and a great admin. Do yourself a favor and join.


Only a few more days til volcano and swamp release. We aren’t expecting to have to wipe, so now is a great time to get a foothold before the new areas hit!

We’ve changed our server host and boosted the rig we are on to one with all the bells and whistles for launch.

New IP:

We are seeing a huge amount of activity as new folks are carving out some territory. Great core of server regulars from the past year combined with lots of new faces. Come check us out!

Yip, great time to join and get your own piece of turf. The community is great and very friendly towards newcomers.