Argent Dawn - RP ( 18+ | PC )

Hail exile!
It turns out that you was not food for the crows afterall, but what now? Will you do like most others before you and seek a way to break your bracer? Or have you accepted your fate as an exile?
Where will your journey take you now? Will you bow before someone stronger for protection or will you conquer your own piece of land and make your mark?

At the moment it’s just two of us roleplaying, and we’d welcome any new additions. You don’t need any heavy roleplaying experience just an open mind.

As I said, currently it’s just the two of us. We had some others but they ditched for another game. Conan is attractive to us because it’s harsch, gritty and offers pretty amazing mods. Currently we have Pippi which is a must for any serious RP-server and we have Conan Sexiles, for that naughty fun. Conan offers little in way of ‘Stormwind-idling’ but we could always think of a way for our characters to meet. Feel free to bring friends and have your own RP-hub if you prefer.

Yes, PvP is enabled which means that you can kill other characters. We don’t necessarily encourage straight out PvP but if it’d make sense for your character to kill someone, go ahead and try. Somewhat hostile RP is expected, the naive don’t survive long in the exiled lands. If you are afraid, make allies or bow before someone mightier.

Conan Sexiles