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Thanks Stray, ill update my mod list.

Currently planning to maybe check out a different server, but tagging this one to return. You aren’t using the compass mod?

July 28 2018

Everything running fine, the last add was the mod for building placement and some tweaks on the Purge settings. These were related as a Purge in the North that hit a base was in my opinion over the top - waves of a dozen spiders over and over - the building damage could not be fixed without the added placement mod as after benches are placed on foundation it can stop a new piece from snapping into place (the placement mod fixed this lack of snap problem). The level of the Purge was reduced (to 3 of 5) as well as the duration (to 10 minutes from 30). The Purge is a good feature to provide added excitement, but as far as building cleanup for unowned structures its worthless. You can watch abandoned buildings go untouched while your base is wiped out.

Since I make micro-mods and host this server, there has been a lot of server down time due to settings tweaks and changes in the mod list. Im sure this has been a real issue for anyone trying to play on our server. Please accept my apology for the server issues. The latest mod list change was to include the highly recommended Savage Steel mod.