Cat Paradise x3 Server Announcement -update-

We are transitioning our small server to a modded server on June 2nd (roughly 15 hours from now). We are currently a 10 slot/10 clan sized server with 3x gathering, 3x exp and 2x resource respawn with short nights and longer days. Here are a list of the mods to follow on the steam workshop and then initialize at the Conan Exiles main screen under mods:

  • Vallhalla Archery (Because bow dmg is sub-par and I like large arrow stacks)
  • Emberlight (Fancy placeables, animal pens, book shelves and more!)
  • Immersive Salvaging & Smelting (allows you to recycle in the smelter and tannery items you no longer use)
  • Fashionist (Need to wear heavy armor, but what to dress like an “entertainer”? Yeah. Me too.)
  • Pickup+ (Did you Set shrine move when upgrading? Did you place a wall inside out? Just pick it up!)
  • DyeMoreBetterer (In the exiled lands, the difference between winning and losing is the color of your
  • ElevatorPlus (A faster elevator with the ability to stop on multiple floors!)
  • Pythagoras (Armor stands and wall mounts that actually work! New building piece angles, glass and iron
    walls building pieces and more!)

If you have any questions, message me on steam:

Server IP:

**If there are any issues with the server, mods, or have suggestions, feel free to leave comments or whatnot here. I will make it a priority to check back here more often. Apologies if I left anyone hanging for information.

If you need instructions on how to install and activate the add-ons for Conan Exiles;

  • In the steam interface head over to the Workshop nestled under the community tab and then search for
    Conan Exiles.
  • Search for the Mod by the name listed above and then click the green subscribe button.
  • Once you have subbed to all the mods listed above load Conan Exiles like normal. At the splash screen
    there is a mod button; press it. The interface for mods is very much like Minecraft. Mods you have
    subbed to are in the left column while the right column is for active mods.
  • Just click the arrow button to move/activate all the mods to the right column. Once done, close the mods
    tab and Conan Exiles will alert you that the game will need to restart.
  • Once Conan Exiles has restarted your mods will be active. Look for the server in the list; PVE, Relaxed,
    Cat Paradise–or use the IP listed above.

IMPORTANT NOTE If you have mods installed and wish to play on an unmodded server you must deactivate the mods before trying to join any other server or you will receive an alert stating you are running an incompatible build.

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Can’t seem to find you on steam so I’ll ask here.
What’s the location of the server? And how do I join?

post bump for edit and update :eggplant:

Mods have been activated on the server as of midnight. Activate the mods in this specific order for the server to recognize them:

  1. ElevatorPlus
  2. DyeMoreBetterer
  3. Pythagoras
  4. Valhalla Archery
  5. Immersive Salvaging and Smelting
  6. Fashionist
  7. Pickup+
  8. Emberlight

We have also created a steam group. Feel free to join: