No new official servers?

Heya… love the game love most aspects of it, but one department is lacking HEAVILY. What the hell is going on with the servers? You’re telling me if I don’t go on a private servers i basically can’t play the game because on every official server there is 10+ clans that are already set up with max lvl and best gear in the game? Not to mention HUGE bases. I can’t find any announcement of a new official server or an official server being wiped. Excellent game. Worst server maintenance I have ever seen on any game. This game requires time to build up and to make you’re defenses, and thats all great and that’s how it should be. But the last official server announcement making it into the game was 5 months ago. Great. 10/10 Would RIP again.

/ PC / EU

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There ARE a TON of good Private Servers!
…bur if you are set against them then I do not see a problem on Official Servers other than there could be existing Clans are already established that sometimes makes for a non-friendly atmosphere for smaller aggressive Clans … in which case you just find another Official Server that people are cycling out of.
Other than that you can give private servers a try.
Either way I hope you continue your love affair with Conan Exiles. It is really a GREAT game!

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Honestly i prefer private servers. Had one joined seemed great and it was for a while, had 100+ hours on the server one of the first people there. But the admin was s*it, allowed people cheating didnt administrate basicly nothing, so looking for a specific type of a server - pvp on, raid times on weekends and the server not too old ( in terms of people not being overpowered when i have sandstone if you know what I mean ), not gonna name the server guy is gonna ruin himself sooner or later, anyways im in EU if you have any good servers that match my description feel free to post them, tnx for the reply

Need waiting. I am like playing only official servers/ I am wait Mayhem and servers witch 1 or 3 m wipe.