Any Good Official Servers ? That wont wipe us when we join?

Me and a couple buddies are looking for an official server to play on in the EU.

Are there any recommendation for a server that will allow us to build up before we get wiped out to many servers with cheaters and dominant clans that don’t let people establish.

Sounds like you want to know a PvP server which I am not familiar with. You noted PvE in the tags.

For PvE - 6158 (Isle of Siptah server)
For PvE-C - 1941 (Exiled Lands server)

These two servers are servers have a friendly population and plenty of space to build. I hope this helps.

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Good and officials don’t go together

And with transfers you can be offlined/pulverised and ejected from server and lost 2 years of works in 10 minutes

Not to mention the horde of cheaters who roam freely and the number of exploits under control that are working on Conan at the moment.

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