Looking for a good official PVE EU server?

I’ve been playing The Isle of Siptah on singleplayer only since it came out, but I am now thinking of jumping into an official PVE EU server, but I don’t feel like running from server to server to find a decent one, soo…

Is there any official EU PVE server that isn’t littered with wheel outposts on wild surge spots, have a friendly community with people that like to talk and help each other + although not a requirement, but since I am from Denmark it would be a little plus if some danish people played there too?

I am not looking for a clan to join but my past experience from official severs in the Conan Exiles old map it adds a lot to the experience when a server has players that like to chat and sometimes go on an adventure together, just a server that isn’t overloaded with toxicity and blocking of resources/paths - Any suggestions is appreciated :slight_smile:

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