Ranked #250th! Croozi's Conan Chaos & Chill - now with more females. :) (for PC)

Croozi’s Conan Chaos & Chill is welcoming ALL kinds of fun, chilled out new players, especially females.

We have 5-6 active female players and an active ‘mostly mature’, adult community with very active admins and discord server. Come hang out a see the awesome open buildings and participate in fun events and player made story/quest lines using Pippi thespians.

We love to help new players and cut-up and have fun. 1.5X XP and Harvesting - max level cap = 120. No decay or pet feeding. Currently building a trade/commerce environment.

Active mods:
Glass Construction & More
Less Building Restrictions (overlap edition)

Server is ranked 250th: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/conanexiles/3324112/