Relaxed Chaotics - AoC, 300 Levels, Custom Content

Hello, ladies and gentlemen.

I am here to give you a quick little introduction about the community I started that’s been growing so fast it’s not just my community anymore, it’s all of ours.

Our server is currently ranked #12 on toprankedservers in Conan Exiles - This is out of 17,000 server. (Of course some of which are inactive server and so on).

Even after Conan’s latest update messed up the game so bad it wasn’t playable for several days, our community stood strong, waiting anxiously for a hotfix, but we still communicated and had a good time.

The Server:

Name: [SWE/EU] Relaxed Chaotics - AoC, 300 lvls (All x4, Low Ping)
Player Slots: 32
Age Of CalamitousFashionist v3.3.0
Less Building Placement Restrictions
Improved Quality of Life
Hosav’s Custom UI
Kerozards Paragon Leveling
Glass Constructions and more…

This is an PVE-C server on PC.


Need more reasons to join other than a strong and friendly community?

Well we have a custom built Market and spawn.Custom built VIP Lounge and Market. Even a Pub for VIPs!

We work hard every single day to ensure that you get the best experience available.

Thank you for your time! Hope to see you on discord!

  • Alphoni