Looking for a pve server


Im currently looking for a US PC PvE server to play on preferably Exiled lands, modded with good character customization, i love to be able to make a unique character and with the various armor and clothing mods i love working towards an outfit i enjoy whereing… don’t like to focus on armor values, would prefer an active economy, i’m not the biggest fan of RP as i’m nor huge on the lore of Conan but doesn’t mean i can’t try… i would also prefer a slower xp gain as i feel it’s already to quick in getting to high levels which removes any reason to set up a small starter base to get used to things… would like a server that has quests and maybe a decent market place setup… and def a friendly playerbase i’m willing to join a discord although i don’t usually do much talking on it. but would respond through messeges.

Hey! :slight_smile: I would argue we are somewhere between PvE and PvP… If youre curious then check out our Wiki. We are UK but we have US players :slight_smile:

Wiki: https://youneedawiki.com/app/page/19J2rOT3lumMXxw5quSReuXyO2ZJ6CFkj?p=19J2rOT3lumMXxw5quSReuXyO2ZJ6CFkj

We do have a discord to join too if youre interested :slight_smile:

Feel free to join us!

Bro Grim: NoBld Limit/AoC/FlyingMount/EEWA/Rewards (PC) (PvE-C)

USA based server. Good Ping. Exiled lands. AoC, EEWA. NO BUILD LIMITS for creative builds.

  • Lots of building kits: N Timber, Cathedral, glass, Jungle, Stygian…
  • Tons of character customization with haircuts, accessories, outfits, attachables, immersive armors, high heels!
  • Flying mount and pets for reaching level tiers
  • Admin Town with npc’s and vendors to make learning AoC magic easier
  • PvE Ice, Sand, Sky arenas with mega loot and XP
  • Player Market with your own personal vendors to buy and sell
  • Active admin and clans
  • Purge OFF, building damage OFF
  • Chilled environment, friendly, adults, active and helpful for all levels
  • Creative builds
  • Tons of content, progress past level 300, attributes to 100
  • Boosted rates but still offers challenge to those who desire it

Player fun drives the decisions. with discord: https://discord.gg/mwywQ4RuGH