Conan Exiles - Looking for AOC server

Hello, I and some friend of mine are currently looking for an RP-PVP server with the AOC mod. If anyone is hosting a server with players, please send me a DM

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Hello everyone hope everyone is all well. Are you looking for a good nice fun server to hang out on the server is different to normal Conan exiles. A server has opened up a Conan exiles server with AOC mods and Pipi and A few more fun mods the server is hosted in AUSTRALIA This is a PC Server only . Few other things the server can offer you is PVP-C but raiding only Saturday and Sunday and clan size is 3 so the server is a solo Trio serve. The server also has a discord group with all the information in it that will be needed you can also ask me questions if you need just so you no i am not the admin of the server i am just Advertising for the server So the server gets good amount of player base hope to see you all around on the server

Hello, my add is always up top.Well mostly :wink:

Its PVP with a twist, where a special mod gives you building pieces that has indestructible building pieces.So your production area will be safe.

Hop in discord so we can talk a bit about how this all works.

Hope to see you soon :smiley: