Skull & Bones PvP server recruiting brave fighters/Fighterinas


PVP can be fun for EVERYONE!!

Single players in our server are able to compete with big clans.“How?” We have set up thespians with cheap building materials,Weapons & Armour.

This way, anyone can recover fast after a raid. Getting wiped completely is impossible, due to “Special” building pieces that have 10 000.000 Hp.

(Check “Server-Rules” in Discord on how this works.)You don’t want to farm your way up again?

No problem, a Admin will boost you up to any level you want.

We have a 10 tier ranking system with different perks getting unlocked when reaching higher ranks.

(Flying,Warping,Free high tier building,ALL Factions,All feats,All DLC items/armours,etc…)

Farmers & Builders who love building/gathering are most welcome.Your base will be safe!

We have LBPR mod, you can build a base in a dungeon if you want.(Plz contact an admin about this, special rules apply on this)

You want PVP Quests & RP? Quests where you have to use explosives/trebuchets we have it.

Our server is EU-based and has a Max ping of 240.(No lagging or glitching players when doing PVP.PS:A large part of the USA has no connection problems.)

The MOD-list is short for good reasons.Less updates & bugs will make sure you can play.

Admins are very active & have played +10000 houres combined,running servers in different games and know Conan Exiles very well (+4000Hrs).

Anything you want can be discussed in voice on discord.

Join Skull & Bones today!

Server IP & Port: Port: 29015