Skull & Bones ready for you


PVP/RP for adults!!

Single players in our server are able to compete with clans. We have set up thespians with free building materials,Weapons & Armor.

Our main focus is on exploring the mods, improving our building skills and raiding old bases from players who want to build something new.

Hitting iron nodes for 2 houres a day is not neccessary here to build big bases.

This way, anyone can recover fast after a raid and build beautifull big castles without farming for weeks.If you want to get raided at all ofc.

Flag system where “WHITE” flag means no raiding and the “WAR” flag means raiding.

You don’t want to level your way up again?

No problem, an Admin will boost you up to any level you want.

We have a 10 tier ranking system with different perks getting unlocked when reaching higher ranks.

(Flying,Warping,Free high tier building,ALL Factions,All feats,All DLC items/armours,etc…)

Farmers & Builders who love building/gathering are most welcome.Your base will be safe!

We have LBPR mod, you can build anywhere you want and as big as you want.Multiple bases no problem.

You want PVP, Quests & RP?Admins build bases for you to raid.

Our server is EU-based and has a Max ping of 240.(No lagging or glitching players when doing PVP.A large part of the USA has no connection problems.

The MOD-list is short for good reasons.Less updates & bugs will make sure you can play.

Admins are very active & have played +10000 houres combined,running servers in different games and know Conan Exiles very well (+4000Hrs).

Looking for a server with lots of freedom and something you have never expierenced before?

Join Skull & Bones today! :wink:

Server IP & Port: Port: 29015