[PC] Conan Conquest (solo/duo/trio clan) 2XP/2H

Disclaimer: I am not the admin, just helping him get the word out to share his hard work!

Below is his server advert. Here’s my tldr:

Small Clans, PvP, 24/7 Building Damage (No Offline Raiding, declarations required). No RP enforcement rules. Custom made Conquest mod enabling territory capture.

2x rates

Conquest World Map
Pippi - User & Server Management
The Age of Calamitous
Better Thralls
LTs Compass (Minimap)
FashionistUnlock Plus (with pickup)
Hosav’s UI Modification
Stacksize Plus
Less Building Placement Restrictions
All the Little Things

You guys that have been around know I’ve been playing this game forever, and despite the low population I’ve had more fun on this server than any other in the last year. I highly recommend you give this a try. If you haven’t experienced the Age of Calamitous mod, you’re in for a treat. For a long time I was skeptical because it’s such a large mod, but now I can’t ever see going back to vanilla. It adds so many things to do, explore, build, and of course kill!

Discord: https://discord.gg/cdT8ZK (this is a one day, PM me if want to join and it’s expired)

Conan Conquest [PC] PVP-RPish

Max Slots: 32

Server Resets: User controlled (roughly 12 weeks)

Server Location: USEast

Purge information: 1 clan member online, purge available 24h/7d

Experience Modifier: 2

Harvest Modifier: 2

PvP: 24H/7D (Kill on sight perfectly acceptable)

Structure Damage: 24H/7D (Must declare attack on discord + 1 enemy online)

Maximum Clan Size: 3

Discord: https://discord.gg/MTeASrW

Server Direct Link:

Mod information:

Conquest World Map

Pippi - User & Server Management

The Age of Calamitous

Better Thralls

IMMERSE RP: Placeables Decor

LTs Compass (Minimap)

FashionistUnlock Plus (with pickup)

Hosav’s UI Modification

Stacksize Plus

Less Building Placement Restrictions

All the Little Things


Conquest World Map designed by Zio.

Better Thralls (Thrall count set to 2, you can use 2 thralls at the same time)

Unlock Plus (table lock is set, unlocks @ 75% damage taken. Chests locked by default. Personal chest included in this mod)

Stacksize Plus modified to have 20x what normally would stack together, chests/tables have 5x more capacity.

Brief summary of the gameplay here:

The concept of Conan Conquest is to eventually take over the region of the map you are attempting to claim. Once a clan or player claims 12 territories that connect to their first controlled location, they are deemed the winner, the server then will be on its final week, and a reset will occur. That player/clan will then be granted a rank boost in discord as well as a disclosed award at the start of the next season (undefined as of yet, but everyone will be informed). You can claim one location a week (meaning the wipe will occur roughly 12 weeks if the server is participating). For players/clans that have started late, we provide a catch up period to get you up to par with other clans.It is not required to participate in the conquest land claiming, You can simply be a bystander during the conquest. However if you do build on someones land, you are subject to their rules or negotiations. Establish some sort of diplomacy with the clan/player who owns the land.Age of Calamitous mod is a vastly immersive mod that does take some time to get to understand. And short servers with quick wipes won’t give you the experience into the mod that you would like to have, so 12 weeks is a comfortable number to immerse yourself as well as battle out territories.Because the server can have battles at any time of the day or hour, Offline raiding is strictly off limits and has instant response reprimanding regarding it. Declarations on discord is to be used to establish any sort of attack on a players base or building. If you wish to attack someone, you must declare it.

Additional information regarding our rules can be found on our discord, and in game as well. Talk to the guide within the community building. https://discord.gg/MTeASrW

~So much for being brief~

Admin usage:

My name is Zio. I’m the sole admin of the server. I have over 1500 hours played across two accounts. I’ve been in multiple 8-15 man clans, I’ve been across many custom servers as well as multiple official servers. That being said, I have seen my fair share of admin abuse.

  • I once looted a player who was sleeping out in the open world. Took your everyday run of the woods legendary gear. Logged out to find out it was one of the admins, they authorized an attack on my base (no offline raiding allowed btw) The raiders couldn’t break in, so the admins ghosted through walls and took what was on my character, and blew open a hole in my base to allow the raiders inside.
  • First 2 hours playing on another server. Witnessed a clan of 4 with all of the legendary tools. Already having a T3 base up. When called on it, I was informed to look at the logs, and that the admin’s don’t cheat. When I informed them that those logs were only Pippi logs and not in game console commands, I was removed from the server, and all comments made on the issue were deleted from the discord server.
  • First week on another custom server. As a welcoming event, the admin insisted the server congregate to an arena to fight for fun, winner will be granted gear by the admin. I’m called in to fight a player, that player has gear that is only spawnable by an admin…

Admin abuse is a major issue. Therefore I’m going to tell you now my complete hatred and disgust for admin abuse in Conan Exiles. My main goal is to create an enjoyable, competitive survival server. I want to express that I did mention that I do in fact have 2 accounts. Rest assured you will be informed on the other account I play immediately on a server wipe. I will remain as transparent as humanly possible regarding both accounts. If there are additional mods and logs that express transparency, or help combat admin abuse, I will welcome them whole heartily.That being said, I’ll alert you now to my other character I do play on (or barely, admin takes a ton of your time away! ). Vygon is a character I’m currently using on this server, he is clan-ed up with Valiza, my wife, And we are in clan: DOOM. As of right now, we own G6 land. But I’m finding myself investing so much more time in the creation of immersion within the community building (and enjoying it) so much that my time has been primarily invested in creating new content for the players who play on the server. Therefore since this server is still in its FIRST LAUNCH ever, On next server wipe, I will be refraining from participating in the conquest land claim (I somehow have to explain to my wife that I have more enjoyment watching players immerse themselves within the community building I’ve developed over actually playing at this point)As a rule of mine, and the usage of LBPR mod, I try to create things outside of the green wall, to completely avoid any intrusion involving land claim conquest with other players/clans. However these buildings will be accessible by portals. One building that is fully set up is the community building:

The community building

houses pretty much all you need as a network hub for the server:

  • Starter Gear Vendors
  • Portals to areas of the map
  • Transmogrification room (120 level to enter)
  • Legendary vendors (120 level to enter)
  • Casino (Pippijack + currently 3 gambling vendors created by Zio)
  • Clan owned vendors to sell goods
  • Clan owned banks to store Pippi Currency
  • Tavern with immersive thralls to talk to, a PvP currency vendor and questlines in development.
  • NPC you can talk to, to call on Zio to discuss a Complaint, compliment, suggestion in game (or contact me on discord via ticket or direct message, I’ll be as responsive as I can be)

With what I’ve created, and with the help of Pippi mod, I’ve developed something that I think could be enjoyable across many alike minded individuals who wish to keep clans small, raid on odd hours, be RP if they wish, fight anytime they wish, etc. But there is ALWAYS room for improvement. Therefore within the discord, I do have a suggestion panel. If you make a suggestion, I will NOT knock it down. I will add it to a list of other suggestions in a poll. If one particular suggestion obtains more votes over another, I will make sure that is the first thing on my agenda to amend, create, change etc to maintain the happiness of the server as a whole. Together, lets mold this server into something we can all enjoy.

Much appreciated.


In Development:

  • (Top priority is what the majority of our player base wants, everything below here is what i’m currently working on)
  • Automated Arena
  • Finish 2nd floor tavern questline that leads to a raidable admin base.

Server-wide RP & PVP Event this Saturday at 8pm EST

Blast him! Curse his soul with eternal flame!

My apprentice has left! He’s coerced some of the mindless minions of Glubglub to help him escape …I mean, leave my service… and steal some of my most powerful items!

I am the most powerful wizard in the lands, obviously, but my speciaties do not include clairvoyant visions, so I ask your help in finding him and releasing him from my service. Permenantly. You may keep all you find, the trinkets he stole mean less to me than ensuring he is left spitted on a pike so the crows may eat his flesh.

I’m leaving now to consult the Oracle of Rainara. You peasants must collect the ingredients I will need to make the tonic I will use to enduce the visions that will guide you to him. I will leave instructions with this stinking savage Glubglub, he will give what I’ve written to you, and you will return the ingredients to him. Meet him at 8pm EST on Saturday 4/4/20 at the Sentinels of the Great Desert River.

-Shaggus McHaggis

First event was a great success! Next week I’ll be hosting a gladiator pit 1v1 tournament!

Current state of the conquest! There are several small clans that have not claimed land yet. Come join the war!

Very exciting to see the server continue to grow and the additions the admin’s been making:

Interactive automated PVE/PVP arena;
Automated small-group battleground events (Hunger Games style);
New Capture the Flag arena;
And my favorite, a Bouncy House!

Hope to see you there!