Welcome To Realm of Chaos! 1x Modded ( Pippi / AoC ) ( 2x weekends ) --

A brand new Conan Exiles Server calling out to those pvp/pve’s who have always felt slightly cheated by the thousand of hours others can put before you! Gone are the days of alphba tribes, as this server is brand new sporting both the pippi and Age of Calamitous Mod! These mods allow us to have easy control over the server to control both hacking/cheating or duping, community events, GM support to others, and so much more!

Why play this server over others? The damn new appeal of course, but on top of that, we plan to have an active discord, keep trolling and constant annoyances to a bare minimum. No more building under the mesh. No more duping, no more hacking of any sort b.c those people dont last long, and if they do something to mess up your game its and easy 1 2 3 fix for us! We will have active mods in the discord as well as NO PAY TO WIN features or sub models. Just a gamer, paying for other gamers to have fun!!!

What the Server offers -

- Brand new Day, Brand New Server Under a week old so far! 
- Active support / mod team 
- Constant updates including challenge increases 
- x2 Weekends, including XP, Gather Rates, Etc. 
- Base Line rates, so that things dont get out of hand requiring tons of resets. 
- Community based voting on inclusion to the game including Kits, NPC, Quests, Events, ETC.
- Battle Eye Protection as well as, A rewarding in game report system to stop all cheating. 
- In Game Currency able to be traded player to player for services, items, etc. 

Server rules - There is something to be said about evry gaming community. Toxic, annoying, over-hyped, extremely taxing and many more. We want the staple of our community to be one word. FUN. These rules are implimented, to keep that word our definition.

- No Gamer Words ( Although we encourage trash talk, and other PVP antics in the verbal form, we don't really need the outrage some of those words bring as we still want to have fun. )
- No Hacking
- No Under Mesh building
- No Duping

These rules are just the baseline and can be changed or added to at anytime. Just remember this is a PVP server, and such PVP antics will occur. If you think you shouldn’t be doing it. however, its probably banable.

Server Rates - Server rates will be the normal rates for the Conan Exiles - Exiled Lands. This is to keep the longevity of the server without having to reset it weekly, or monthly. We believe the originality of the game is the best way to play with the AoC mod that we have installed into the game.

Mods Required -

Pippi - https ://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=880454836

AoC ( Age of Calamitous ) - https ://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1113901982#:~:text=AoC%20serves%20as%20a%20total,of%20the%20Age%20of%20Calamitous.

In order to join the server make sure your setting on the search function are set to any on all searches, in the top side of the Conan Server list, and on the top right, make sure you have private, and modded servers check marked. After that simply type in Realm, Chaos, or Realms of Chaos and the server will show. If you have connection problems please reach out to us on Discord right away and we can assist you!

Please join Discord here ! - https ://discord.gg/6X7xwFfRyR