Returning player looking for 18+ / RP/ PVE/PVP server

Hi there!

Returning player here, hadn’t played in idk how many months now and just started up some single player but I’m lonely.

  • What I’m looking for

I’m looking for an easy going RP/PVE/PVP server that’s 18+

While I mostly enjoy pve I’d like pvp to be optional.
Not looking for a server with a crazy amount of rules.
Mods are fine, even a lot are fine, idc if the server is super lewd, in fact I’m ok with this I’m just not very lewd myself. Although my character runs around naked half the time.

I’m also open to experiementing with other fantasy based non lore friendly servers. Heard from a friend that no longer plays there used to be even a few orc/elves/goblin servers which sounds cool too!

  • Previous server

Little bit of background with my RP in conan, basically I roleplayed as a pict savage on my friend’s private server. Sometimes I’d even RP as a necromancer using the mods on the server and thralls/pet. All were welcome there which I liked, cis, futa, herm, trans etc.
Some mods even supported futa which was cool.
While there were clans you weren’t forced to join one. You could just remain neutral, same with roles!
There was a 2 character limit per person which was fine, I only played one.
I’d log on so often my character became just part of the landscape and even became a minor character in the server lore which was fun.

His server was awesome! Comprised of people mostly from his college dorm, I met so many wonderful folks.
Had some fun movie nights watching cartoons and livestreams through shared screens/rabbit/watch2gether.
Even had a neat little channel to talk about other games and a RL progress channel for us to give each other life advice, mostly about college and jobs.

Sadly his server shut down now due to RL circumstances out of his control, and I’ve been looking for a new home.

  • The search

Joining some discord servers and looking at their own rules… holy crap it’s intimidating especially with paragraphs and lawyer esque writing @.@ so I’d join a discord just to leave after getting lost in the text.
Uncaring admins
Been trying for just a couple days now casually joining discord servers and messaging admins with questions about rules etc how things are before investing time. Either no response or just a response that made no sense in relation to my question :frowning:
The dead
Tried joining a few different servers today and unfortunately in their discord I was told the server is no longer up.
The cliques
In the past like over a year ago I tried out another private server on a whim for like a month before a clique formed and I saw how they treated others… which wasn’t fair to them so before that happened to me I took off.

So yeah, looking for an easier to get involved with server where the mods are respectful and the player base is pretty chill. I look forward to hearing from y’all soon!

Hey our server might interest you! We limited our rules as much as possible to appease both RP and PVP playstyles. Might be worth checking out. We’d love to have ya! Here’s a link to our forum AD.

We have a few rules that are based on our kingdom game play and raiding mainly…
We are RP and PvP, Heres our link if you wanna check us out :slight_smile:

Failing us, The Exalted is a good server I used to play on, with limited rules :slight_smile:

Have a look at this one, people on anytime of the day.

Join their discord and have a look at community and mods. Pretty fun, not pvp heavy at all, and rules are basic common sense.