Bloodlands Faction Wars (18+ Light RP/PVP)

Bloodlands Faction Wars (18+ Light RP/PVP)

Direct Connect IP:
Discord Invite:

Kingdom style server with no build restrictions. PVP focused with RP rules for you to stay safe within your own territory. Venture onto another Faction’s land at your own risk.

✦ Harvest Multiplier: 3.0
✦ Player XP Multiplier: 3.0
✦ Player Hunger Multiplier: .5
✦ Player Thirst Multiplier: .5
✦ Drop Equipment On Death: True
✦ Bodies Stay In World: True
✦ Avatars Disabled: True
✦ Item Conversion Multiplier: .3
✦ Thrall Conversion Multiplier: .3
✦ Restrict PVP Building Damage: True
✦ Purge Level: 6

Server Features:
✦ Starter Kits
✦ Hub With Public Map Room and Player Market
✦ Quest for LVL Boost From 60-120
✦ No Offline Raiding
✦ No Base Wiping
✦ Raid Protection
✦ Events (Capture The Flag, Battle Royale, Scavenger Hunts, Obstacle Course’s etc.)
✦ The player from each Faction with the most PVP kills at the end of the week will be given the title “Faction Guardian”, and be gifted 50 extra attribute points for that week.

Mod List:[Hub|690x388]

Double Harvest Weekend 8/24

Now including the new Elvanor Faction!