NA, Boosted, Age of Calamitous Full PVP Server. No RP. Five Factions, Five Clans


Bloodlands Faction War
(PVP)(AOC)(5X/10X)(No Gods)

Direct Connect IP:
Discord Invite:

-Wiped 7/20
-Hardcore AOC PVP
-5X Harvest 10X XP
-Fast Craft
-Loot Drop On Death
-Raid Time 7-Midnight PST
-No Build Restrictions
-No Gods
-West Coast Server
-Capture The Flag

Mod List:
-Bloodlands Server Mod
-Age of Calamitous

Immediately Choose Your Faction/Clan On Spawn

*The player with the most PVP kills at the end of each week will be awarded “Demi-God” status, and will be gifted two extra levels for that week.

Hope to see you!