NEW Server! Come join us in this fresh start!

Friends of Old (US EST) -

New 40 slot server (come get your fresh start) Will increase slots if need

  • Currently 10 active members with 3 different tribes

  • PvP enabled with Raiding only enabled on Weekends (fri 20:00 to sun 23:00)

  • 3x XP/Harvest

  • Max Clan size = 10

  • 10x Night speed (Normal Day speed)

  • Mod List includes: The Age of Calamitous (AoC serves as a total conversion mod to the main game, introducing new content, feats, lore, systems, and much more!)

·Six different playable Factions

·Twelve different playable Sub-Factions

·Five different Professions

·Magic System

·Quest System

·Additional Character Creation Options

·Attributes and Feats rebalanced for AoC

·UI modifications

·Thousands of new Decorations, Props, Items, Weapons, etc.

·Many new Crafting Stations, Feats, & Recipes

·New Level Cap 120

·Special Content and Lore Elements from The Age of Calamitous Niflheimr - MiniMap (adds minimap in top right corner) Beyond Theatrics - A scene composition mod (Rated R) RA: Character Customisation

For more information reach out to me or join our discord!