[ENG/EU] Land Of Calamitous x2 8/7/2021 AoC

[ENG/EU] Land Of Calamitous x2 8/7/2021 AoC

Land of Calamitous is new PVP low rates server based on Age Of Calamitous mod with several another useful small mods. Server is lightly modded and NEVER will be modded heavily. Custom quest to unlock all AoC factions. Quest NPC available in faction hall. Quests to unlock subfactions will be added later.

About server:

  • Server Name: Land of Calamitous

  • Server start: 8/7/2021

  • Experience rate: 2x

  • Harvest rate: 2x

  • Weekend raids. Sat: 19.00-23.00 Sun: 19.00-22.00 GMT time

  • Direct Connect IP:

  • Players slots: 150

  • Server location: Europe

  • Starting kit: Iron tools and weapons, light armors.

  • Mods:
    Hosav’s Custom UI Mod
    The Age of Calamitous
    Stacksize Plus

  • Discord Link Land of Calamitous