The Age of Calamitous - Dev. Hosted Server DOUBLE XP THIS WEEKEND

Age of Calamitous Dev. Hosted Server.

Anarious Gaming.

Be part of a team to help develop the AOC mod.

Give feedback directly to Espen Johansen or suggest new ideas in the discord channel.

The rules are simple:Don’t spam foundations,undermesh,etc…

PvP , Raid Times and other stuff? Check the discord or quickly find it in the server list.

The goal of this server is to test everything the AOC has to offer without any restrictions on anything.

It’s hardcore pvp with brutal settings.


  • Pippi
  • Fashionist
  • The Age of Calamitous
  • Hosav’s UI
    The mods must be loaded in this order.

Direct Connect IP:
Player Slots: 70
Server Location: EU (Germany)