[NA Server] [No Raiding] [Age of Calamitous Mod] [Pippi Mod] ~ Fresh Wipe on 06/02!


Server Name: DbD Gaming - Pippi - TS3 -
Server IP:

Current Server Build is set up to focus on Building, Exploration and Dungeons! This is NOT a PvP Server however PvP is turned on for Dueling, Build Testing and so on. We have Active and experienced Admins with Zero tolerance for Exploiting, Griefing or any type of Racist behavior. Resource or area blocking is also prohibited.

Server Settings:

  • PvP - ON
  • Raiding - OFF
  • Logged off Players remain in world - FALSE
  • XP - 2
  • Harvest Amount - 3
  • Resource Re-spawn Rate - 3
  • Slots - 40

Server Mods:

Other Features:

  • Community Teamspeak 3 With Private Clan Channels!
  • Community Forum for Conan Exiles and Server Discussion
  • Community Polls for all Wipes and Server Settings Changes
  • No Donations EVER asked for!

Pippi Settings

  • Payday Enabled
  • Over a dozen complete light Armor Sets available to out fit your Thralls!
  • Thespians available with lots of clothing options!
  • Glorbs avalibe for custom lighting!
  • Ability to set a home teleport!

For more information feel free to visit DbD Gaming!

Only 2 Guilds Build so far! Plenty of room!

Everyone is building. Highest level is only 50 out of the Mod’s 100 cap! If it wasn’t for the Building I would be close to 100 by now lol :grinning:
Lots of room on this fresh wipe for Builders, Explorers and Dungeon Crawlers! :wink:
So far a very nice bunch of players!

We still do not have a level 100! :scream:

We have tons of room and some great bases in the making. We also now have a Guide that will explain to New Users how the two mods we have work and how to make the best out of them.

Once again this Server Config is meant for Building Enthusiasts and Players wanting to get through all of the available content without having to worry about raiding. PvP is turned on to increase difficulty grouping in Dungeons and for Dueling/Build Testing purposes.
Come join us!