7/20 Bloodlands PVP 5X AOC Faction War



Five Factions, Five Clans

Direct Connect IP:

Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/qTUmgNP

-Wiped 7/20

-Hardcore AOC PVP

-5X Harvest 10X XP

-Loot Drop On Death

-Raid Times

-No Build Restrictions

Mod List:


-Bloodlands Server Mod

-Age of Calamitous


Immediately Choose Your Faction/Clan On Spawn

*Once you’ve chosen a Faction, an Admin will be alerted and place you into the correct Clan OR a faction member with high enough rank can add you.

*Keep in mind that if any one clan becomes excessive in numbers, Deity Destruction can be triggered by an Admin. Meaning Gods can be summoned on that Faction. Otherwise no God’s or God Bubbles.

*Clan leaders will be voted on each week. You can also challenge for leadership at any time via duel.

*The player with the most PVP kills at the end of each week will be awarded “Demi-God” status, and be gifted two extra levels for that week.


*You have the option of not choosing a Faction and becoming a “Nomad”. Nomad’s can join any clan at any time, only by being invited by another player. Admins will not add you to a Faction/Clan.

  • Once added to a clan, you can learn you clan’s Faction. If you choose “Nomad” and learn a Faction before clanning, your character will be deleted.

*Clans created by other players will be deleted immediately. Nomads are on their own.

Hope to see you here!

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